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Rock-it Carnage (ALPHA)View game page

A rocket fueled car game featuring lots of gunpowder, alien carnage and hard rock music.
Submitted by PlayerEmers (@PlayerEmers) — 4 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline
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wow that's actually pretty fun. Not a fan of the aesthetic in any way really, save the cars themselves, but the mechanics are neat. Hearkens back to the era of actionscript games like happy wheels.

Seems like getting damaged by enemies is kind of inconsistent? I could never exactly tell how I was damaged, and it was always in a different amount.

Shooting and driving at the same time is kind of hard. Maybe it's something I'd get used to over time, but as I've played it I can only really do either/or to full efficiency, which causes me to either get bombarded by enemies or fly off a jump and plummet to my death because I wasn't paying attention.

The items and boosters are great and I love the dumb shit you can pull off mixing weird stuff together; would definitely like to see more variety there.

Overall this is normally not my thing but it's pretty dang fun for what it is. Keep it up!!


Thanks for the feedback
The all the art except the cars and the characters inside are placeholders. Everything will change eventually

About the random damage, you are probably getting hit by the flying monster. The visual feedback for his attack is kinda lame for the time, i think some people don't even notice that he changes his colour and frame animation.
Like the art part, the visuals, animation and visual feedback from enemies will change when i actually do the sprites myself later.

About the driving and shooting, indeed. It's hard for everyone to play flawless doing both things (and using items as well). I will definetly try to ease these things a little bit so you can play more "safely", but all this crazyness of doing all this stuff will stay in the game.

More items are coming, but only 2 or 3 more. I don't think i can make lots of unique items that feel good. The fewer the better i think. Instead of focusing on items, the main thing is level design and how you can use those items.