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A jam entry

Cyber-Vania v.093bView game page »

Cyberpunk metroidvania prototype
Submitted by Discmach with 1 day, 9 hours before the deadline

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Left feedback for your game here:

Can't wait to see the next demo!


Thanks @stomygame and @spacedogames.

Workshop menu is pretty unintuitive, all the feedback is important on it. I also wasn't sure on whether to add in "hold down" fire, but after some of the feedback, I'll add it in.

Acceleration is a bit slow, and seems I'm going to need to focus a lot of attention on the platform movement (having to full stop to crouch someone mentioned) Yeah I'll work on that asap.

Pushing down while shooting issue, thanks for bringing that to my attention - state machine is gonna need reworking.


Neat start. Acceleration seems a bit slow but it's hard to tell without a full level to jump around in. Also if you push down while shooting she'll stay kneeling after you stop shooting


Sexy. Love the auto-wash. I'm hoping you're going to make it so you can just hold down fire and she'll keep shooting right? It seems like that's the idea. And obviously indicators of which workshop combinations will actually work as well as something on the HUD to tell you which weapon is equipped.

This is looking good, and I normally seriously dislike any kind of sidescroller, but put in cyberpunk boobies and I'll try anything. I'll be keeping an eye on this!