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A jam submission

A Smol RPG (Demo Day XIII build)View game page

The battle system test for a larger rpg.
Submitted by polisummer (@polisummer) — 5 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline

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  • I like the painted look and the protagonist is CUTE.
  • Please don't use tank controls. I much prefer motion relative to the camera facing instead.
  • Use a blend tree in your characters controller that interpolates the speed of the walk animation to get really smooth feeling with the analog stick. This can be made to look especially good if you are using root motion. In this case its really important to implement a faster stopping deacceleration.
  • You can solve your camera clipping issues by checking for open space with a raycast from the character to the camera and then confining the camera to that open space. Maybe starting with checking out what the standard asset packages have available would be good.

Pretty cute! Having the camera controlled by the mouse would feel a lot better than relying on turning the character, having to use enter instead of the mouse for half the menu options was annoying. Felt like a solid start though, especially the art


Love the hand-painted look of the art. Animation is cute too. But the camera definitely needs work (clipping through walls), and the tank controls are odd. I also think the camera movement lerp is a bit too long (i.e. the camera takes too long to stop moving). If you move back and forth really quickly, it gets disorienting.

I enjoyed this. Your character is really cute and the music was endearing. The combat was engaging enough but I wish it had more enemy movement when they attack (but this is a quick demo and a complete non issue at this time!). The only issues I had were:

1) the camera going through walls in the dungeon. I like tank controls because I grew up with them but when combined with the camera+wall interaction made it a bit unpleasant.

2) I could use a gamepad (wireless x360) to move around but none of the other buttons on it worked besides pause(start). I had to use the keyboard to confirm and open menus

3) Probably the biggest one. For some reason when entering the abilities window from my status screen the game became unable to leave the ability window. Not a single button on the gamepad or keyboard did anything but scroll up and down the spell list and confirm on them.

This has amazing potential!