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I enjoyed this. Your character is really cute and the music was endearing. The combat was engaging enough but I wish it had more enemy movement when they attack (but this is a quick demo and a complete non issue at this time!). The only issues I had were:

1) the camera going through walls in the dungeon. I like tank controls because I grew up with them but when combined with the camera+wall interaction made it a bit unpleasant.

2) I could use a gamepad (wireless x360) to move around but none of the other buttons on it worked besides pause(start). I had to use the keyboard to confirm and open menus

3) Probably the biggest one. For some reason when entering the abilities window from my status screen the game became unable to leave the ability window. Not a single button on the gamepad or keyboard did anything but scroll up and down the spell list and confirm on them.

This has amazing potential!