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A jam submission

City Night [DD13]View game page

A (very bad) game.
Submitted by xianbaum — 2 days, 21 hours before the deadline

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  • Arted up sections are looking nice.
  • Might want to add some pathfinding to that dude.
  • I think this can stand out from many indie games of this type since most of them are made in/feel like rpgmaker games.

Left feedback here, look for your game:

This spooked the shit out of me, can't wait for more art


Thank you for playing! I didn't realize people didn't like 7z, I can make it Zip for DD14.Thank you so much for the feedback, you have no idea how valuable this is to me.



a bold move

I enjoyed this, the complete lack of context of the guy made him even spookier. And the way he sort of tries to get nearer to you without just flat out rushing you seems.. realistic? Also cool how walking against sloped surfaces doesn't just stop you but pushes you in the available direction.

For real, the chasing felt unsettling, 10/10 but the sideways direction in the main/intro scene was too slow. Heres a couple minutes of playing until it crashed


Actually, aaaleee, I just read what my Mac instructions say - I modified them to say you can install Wine, too, if you're still interested. But I will have to warn that my game is pretty bad right now. Next Demo Day I'll make sure a Mac version exists.


Hi aaaleee!

I'm a little confused, the DD13 Windows exe should just be a runnable. I didn't create any installer... The instructions I included were just how to run the DOS version in DOSbox. Are you talking about the 7z file? I can upload a zip file instead. You might actually be disappointed with the DD13 version though with just how bad it is - I almost want to suggest that you wait until the DD14 version because I'm hoping I'll have a way to make Mac executables by then and I'm also hoping that it'll be more of an actual game than it actually is (it is not much of a game right now).


Dude, I want to play your game but I don't want to install it, as a matter of fact, I can't install it because I'm running wine on a Mac.

Any chance you could upload a non installable version?