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Thank you for playing! I didn't realize people didn't like 7z, I can make it Zip for DD14.Thank you so much for the feedback, you have no idea how valuable this is to me.

Actually, aaaleee, I just read what my Mac instructions say - I modified them to say you can install Wine, too, if you're still interested. But I will have to warn that my game is pretty bad right now. Next Demo Day I'll make sure a Mac version exists.

Hi aaaleee!

I'm a little confused, the DD13 Windows exe should just be a runnable. I didn't create any installer... The instructions I included were just how to run the DOS version in DOSbox. Are you talking about the 7z file? I can upload a zip file instead. You might actually be disappointed with the DD13 version though with just how bad it is - I almost want to suggest that you wait until the DD14 version because I'm hoping I'll have a way to make Mac executables by then and I'm also hoping that it'll be more of an actual game than it actually is (it is not much of a game right now).

That's disappointing, Sinoc. :( Thanks for trying it out though. Sadly, I don't have a real machine to run on right now, but I plan on getting one. I wonder what is wrong.