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Frost DD13View game page

Explore vast areas, defeat powerful enemies, find piles of treasure!
Submitted by SpaceDogGames (@spacedoggames) — 5 hours, 20 minutes before the deadline

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Pretty neat demo. Its been a long time since oracle and ages so i think its a good time to make this kind of game. Would like to see more juice especially when hitting enemies. Its is maybe too similar to zelda, almost like a romhack. I think it would be good to come up something unique for the game that zelda would not likely do. For example (a bad one though), replacing the combat with duckhunt. Good luck and hope to see more.



  • 1st dungeon music is goodwarp button is broken?
  • different sprite for a block that disappears when all enemies are dead would be nice
  • your sprite work is great, but something seems off about your color choices. it's the difference between functional graphics and something that i love looking at.
  • the stone sprites in the first area are low contrast.first dungeon looks sickly, with that green and blue.
  • i would recommend doing a color pass with someone else.
  • flash black on enemy looks bad. you did because your bg is white for so long. idk what you should do
  • i died??? in the room in the second dungeon where the knight comes to life. the screen froze, no real death screen. i went to main menu and reloaded. forgot to save so that's all for now.
  • the darkened unlockables on the main menu is a nice touch.
  • I really want to like this, but it's missing something. Nothing hooked me to continue after dying.
  • try a smaller font, so you can fit more dialogue in the box. i have very little patience for scrolling text.
  • i hope the "you cant open it from this side" box has a function in a puzzle later.
  • ok, cool. it is.
  • block pushing is a bit counterintuitive. i thought i had to press x to move at first. it seems you want to forbid offgrid movement, fine. what about letting the player move the box smoothly, and either 1. lock it in the allowed paths or 2. snap it back in place if you abort halfway through?
  • or add a wobbling animation when i start pushing, just so i know something is happening
  • maybe consider allowing offgrid movement? i can see either way being desirable.
  • arrow keys are broken in the map screen. i can move to "warp" but not back
  • dont tell me the whole key message each time. teach it once, implicitly or explicitly, then keep it short.
  • why can i only push a block once?

This made me remember the good times I had with Link's Awakening and I appreciate that. Besides the obviously menu issues that you are aware of the only other thing I could think to bring up that isn't praise would be that the weapons (or at least the axe in general since that is all I found) didn't "feel" impactful. Maybe I was hoping for a low key sound effect for swinging or maybe just one for contact, I honestly couldn't say, but it felt like something was missing to make the weapon feel powerful. I look forward to your continued progress!