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Black ValentineView game page

Walljump your way into uncovering the puzzle pieces of a love story.
Submitted by fruitdev (@melongamedev) — 2 days, 12 hours before the deadline

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Left some feedback here, look for your game:

Cool atmosphere in this one!


Fun game!

-Cute art! But I wouldnt mind some more polish and effects, e.g. dust when you jump or land, just to make a it less stiff.

-Love the level design, great work with your limited player options.

-The horizontal movement might need a bit work to make it more fluid, it's very direct and immediate right now.

Good job!


Didn't play too far (got one heart piece and two text snippets), but it's odd how pressing a direction in midair commits you to falling in that direction. Makes it hard to adjust your position on small surfaces. I would definitely increase the walk speed, and maybe add more checkpoints.

The walljump mechanic is great. I like that it gives you a ton of velocity, which you can cancel at almost any point.

It was thoroughly enjoyable (I found at least 2 pieces I could not get to so I am pretty sure I wasn't even close to finishing it). I did however give it a good 30min of effort. The sound effects were fitting and the background music was subdued enough that not once did I feel like they overstayed their welcome. In fact I would say their quality helped to offset the frustration that was mildly bubbling at the surface as the attempts dragged to their last.

Overall I think you have a really nice game here and if you wanted to you could probably turn it into something much more than it is (but that might destroy the intent and purpose behind it. Only you can say.)
Thank you for making such an enjoyable experience!


Moving into the spikes from the side and getting killed is frustrating.
Can't tell the difference between mines and mechanical buttons. But you know that.
I get where you're going with the story, I'm trying the same thing. It's not subtle enough for me though.
Remove the legs and you're 2 pixels away from a lawsuit.

Got 2 (3?) pieces, not sure if that means I completed it or if there is a proper end game sequence. Either way, it's pretty good.


Cool game. I really like the atari sounds and the music, the jump mechanic is pretty satisfying. I'd consider adding some more checkpoints to avoid frustration though, some bits of the game are pretty tough.

Good job!