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When It Hits the FanView game page

Defend the Earth from four apocalypses with local co-op in this action arcade twin-stick shooter
Submitted by Yomic (@Trueyomic) — 2 days, 16 hours before the deadline
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Thanks for the comments!

On the cons: I've only seen or heard of that big white square happening during recording or streaming, but that's still an issue I'll have to look out for. The slowdowns are similar. Only ever during streaming/recording, especially with OBS.

You may have had trouble with the difficulty because you started with the lab, which is the 4th stage in the game (zone 2). Thanks again for playing!


Really nice! I'm not any good at shooters so I was going to skip it, but since you've been around agdg i figured I should try it.

Pros: Feels FUN, exciting, kickback from the machinegun is satisfying

Cons: One bug, a big white square over a big part of the screen, you can see it in the video. Also some significant slowdowns, however they helped me tactically. Sometimes art assets aren't clear, like the construction cones for I thought were mines, and the mine I thought was something else. Also the sound effects, while they feel right for an arcade game, I think they could just be better. Didn't know what the timer at the top was for since nothing happened when it ran out in the laboratory level.



The levels I think could use more "story" to them, obviously not like NPCs but maybe some implied depth like storefronts you can't go in, maybe people watching from inside windows, something to make the gameworld feel more alive. Keyboard controls might be not great, or maybe its my bad skills. It was sometimes hard to know where to look, and the enemies didn't stand out enough (to this pleb). Last criticism I'd expect enemies to trip mines and die, but nice gameplay balance by letting the minelayers live to focus on more immediate threats, but then ending up with a gauntlet to get through.


Really fun, reminds me of a game called Cannon Fodder for the SNES. I look forward to your release!