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A jam entry

Super Platform Adventure 3d RPG: The GameView game page »

Demo Day 13. Platformer Demo
Submitted by Baron Games with 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline

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Thanks for playing eternal. There is a way to put down crates, I tried to put explanations of the mechanics on the signposts as best I could. But many did not read them. You are supposed to use a crate to jump off of to get the last gem on that platform before the exit. Heres a video explanation:


I miss 3D platformers. Cool to see you're working on one.

The movement feels decent but the camera is odd. I feel like the right stick should be able to bring the camera down to the ground, rather than only rotating left and right. The tap-to-zoom thing is a bit confusing too, since tapping down doesn't un-zoom.

I like how kicking in the air gives you an extra boost, but I noticed that you cancel your wall kick velocity if you're holding the stick toward the wall. You basically have to let go of movement for wall kicks to work.

Also, there should be a way to put down crates instead of throwing them.

And I couldn't figure this gem out:

I couldn't seem to grab the ledge while holding L1.