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A jam submission

Tiny Siege PrototypeView game page

A short demo for a tower defense game where you raise an army to fight monsters!
Submitted by rld — 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline

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No bugs that I saw! But why do the levels look different in the screenshots than in the game? Sound would really help this game, also I found myself wanting to fast foreward through the waves pretty quick, so maybe theres needs to be more of a reason to "watch" versus just skipping to the end. Cannons seem a little OP, and snipers seem underpowered. Having multiple paths where you can only "see" parts of them at a time from a different position is cool.

  • Your game mainly runs out of the Update function, coroutines, and invokes. However since you have a fast-forward, and are spawning things in theses Update based functions the fast forward changes the behavior of the simulation. For example a gun that might have fired twice over 2 frames now needs to do so over 1 frame, while accounting for the enemy position being in 2 different places during that frame. The standard way to fix this in Unity is to run gameplay related evens in the FixedUpdate so framerate/time warping does not mess up your simulation. Otherwise you would need to be able to simulate things like multiple shots over the past frame all happening at different times during that frame.
  • Characters are CUTE.
  • I expected right click to drag the map instead of pan.
  • Needs an easy way to toggle between towers or something to make it easier to upgrade a bunch of units.
  • Would be nice to be able to see tower upgrades on the sprite somehow. Pallate swaps could work but are a pain in Unity.

How it played:

-Tried my favorite strategy: spam snipers - didn't work
-Tried obvious boring strategy: spam basic units - did work, but only initially (sign of good design)
-Realized I can upgrade towers
-Had some genuine challenge for a few levels, few thing making through, good times
-Started focusing upgrades on a sniper, with 0.075 speed I could have probably sold everything and still won

Overall it's pretty solid, plenty to suggest level and balance wise, but that's still part of the design from the state the game is it seems. Too bad we got to play the worst level out of the three shown in images.