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Features, get your features! Here are our best features you're not using

We’re a pretty busy crew over here at You may have seen some of the recent posts on our updates blog detailing some of the changes we've been hard at work on. We’re all really excited to introduce new features for both developers and customers so frequently, but it’s hard to keep track of them all. Here are a handful of features that we’re proud of and think more people should know about. 

Co-op Bundles

bundle splits example

Alright developers, this one’s for you. Building a bundle is a complicated logistical affair but the end product is so much fun. But what do you do when you don’t have enough games to run your own bundle? You invite some friends!

Our co-op bundle system lets you team up with your friends to discount your games together. Here’s how it works:

  • Pick a group of friends! You can’t have a bundle unless everyone contributes at least one game!
  • Set a price for the bundle, and how much everyone gets for each sale.
  • Get everyone on board.
  • Go live and make millions (hopefully)!

Seriously, it’s just that easy. We’ve got everything in fancy business terms over on our documentation page, but now there’s no reason why you can’t make a co-op bundle.


Ok so maybe you’re not the kind of developer who has friends, but fans. Maybe you’ve got people going to your website because you just launched a game or got really popular on Twitter. Without our widgets you’re probably just linking people who go to your site to your page. Sure that’s good, but an widget is better.

Check these little rascals out: either from your dashboard or at the bottom of any game page you’ll find an “embed” link which will generate some HTML that you can stick into your own site/blog. That’s actually it, unless you want to customize the widget's colors to match your website, then go for it because that's easy too.  After you get your embed code, copy/paste the HTML, and then visitors to your site can buy your game. How easy is that? If for some reason you want more details we’ve got them on our Documentation page.

Following creators

How do you keep up with creators that you like and respect? Sure you can check them out on Twitter, follow them on Facebook, or friend them on Myspace but there are so many pitfalls with these platforms. What if you don’t want to see pictures of their adorable dog, and only want the games? Try following creators on

Navigate to a game’s page or any profile page on and you’ll see a handful of buttons pop up in the top right of your screen. They’re all great, but a follow button will be among them. Once you are following a handful of creators you can check out your feed by clicking the notifications icon next to your name in the top right of any page. Once you’re there you’ll be able to see any activity from the people you follow! That means you’ll know when they post a new project, rate a game, or write a blog post. How handy is that?


If you’re working on a game you know that it can be more of a process than a sprint to the finish line. Refinery is our collection of tools that support this development method. We’ve written about Refinery before, but the gist is this:

  • Refinery lets you sell your early access projects your way
  • Limit the number of keys you release, and lock features of your page to customers
  • You can set up and maintain private forums and communities just for customers
  • You can even go full stealth mode and only distribute your keys while avoiding prying eyes in public forums/ searches.

Refinery has already been used in tons of wild ways, and ones we haven’t expected. Refinery may be our most powerful tool. How will you put it to work?

Crowdfunding Support

So you’ve got an awesome idea and a really cool prototype but no money. What’s a dev to do? Crowdfunding obviously! If you’ve used Kickstarter, Patreon or Indiegogo you know that support doesn’t end once you have the money. How will you deliver on your promises? While we can’t come into your studio and design your game for you, we can help distribute what you create.

For Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns you can load in a .CSV of all of your backers, upload the files or keys you want them to receive, and we’ll connect the two. That’s way simpler than attaching codes to carrier pigeons’ legs.

What about those of us who live on the Patreon side of life? Somehow it’s even easier. Link your Patreon account to your account, upload the content you want to distribute at each level, and then send it out to your patrons. Think of all the time you’ll save. Need more info? You guessed it, we’ve got the full documentation over here.

What about you? Are there any features you can’t live without? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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The only problem areas we see so far is the unique pages for game developers on itchio aren't as updated as say the individual game page styles can be. We'd like better customization for developer pages such as opacity or a theme setting change. So far so good though. We really enjoy it here on itchio.

Hey Space Lovers!

Short response: We agree

Longer response: We agree that the profile pages could use a refresh, and are figuring out exactly what we want that refresh to look like.

Another idea we have is maybe make it so that you can distribute discount codes for games. This option would allow people to give others a discount but most won't be able to get it. The reason why this would be okay is that if a game isn't selling well but the itchio user wants to give a game out to a contest winner then the winner could get it for a discount instead. But then again, it is all up to your most capable crew, Keep up the good work!


I'm a big fan of Everything works and is simple to use.


Very nice! Inspiring work from the team. is a fantastic platform for game devs! 👍

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