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The only problem areas we see so far is the unique pages for game developers on itchio aren't as updated as say the individual game page styles can be. We'd like better customization for developer pages such as opacity or a theme setting change. So far so good though. We really enjoy it here on itchio.


Hey Space Lovers!

Short response: We agree

Longer response: We agree that the profile pages could use a refresh, and are figuring out exactly what we want that refresh to look like.

Another idea we have is maybe make it so that you can distribute discount codes for games. This option would allow people to give others a discount but most won't be able to get it. The reason why this would be okay is that if a game isn't selling well but the itchio user wants to give a game out to a contest winner then the winner could get it for a discount instead. But then again, it is all up to your most capable crew, Keep up the good work!