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Problems to run on MacOS ? Check this solutions. Sticky

A topic by Kronbits created Sep 08, 2018 Views: 3,976 Replies: 24
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Solutions for: Unable to find game

Some people fixed simply with changing the exported folder for another. Just moving the site.


Solutions for: APP damaged and can't be opened

Official solution provided by YoyoGames(GameMaker developers):

Alternative for MacOS  Sierra users:

Using the terminal:

Hey! This program is very nice, I'd love to utilize it in my work, but I'm running into an issue on OSX High Sierra 10.13.6.

This is an error message I'm getting when trying to add custom image:

Hope this gets fixed, thanks!

Mmm, we thought this message was fixed. Thanks for the resport we will look into it. To be sure are you using the version? Please download again the last version for mac and try again.

I'm pretty sure I'm on the latest version. I've downloaded it today with app. 

I tried to download directly from the site, and it has the same problem.

I'm not sure, where can I check the version number, but I assume that it is the latest.


I've downloaded demo version and in VISUALS tab I have empty spaces instead of library of shapes. 

I'm running macOS 10.12.6

Yep, the bug has been reported already, we are looking into it! Hope to fix in neext update. Sorry for the incovenience!.

Thanks! Looking forward to try fixed version!

When will this bug be fixed? I have the steam version, but can't select any visuals at all. I'm on Mac OS 10.14.1

You can att he moment add custom particles clicking on "sprite" button on the right to select one of the visuals have to appear there.

The problem was hard to solve due we wanted to people add custom folders with their particles, but due Mac filesystem was unable to do it right, so we changed and we gonna add that images inside the app no folders so can be acceses via Mac with no problem.

Sorry for delay, hope to release the new version with this and other bugs fixed!

Any news on when the mac version will be updated here/on steam?

It's been almost a year, are you still working on a fix for this?

I'm running version on mac 11.0.1 and the visuals tab does not display any shapes.


It looks the visual tabs, which depends on some app folder not have access. Check the permissions of the app folder to read/write,etc... to avoid any problems.


None of the suggested items work on Mojave. I just purchased this and can't even run it. :/ 

They are super bad about updating/supporting the mac version. My entire dev environment is on mac, I hate having to switch over to my bootcamp partition just to use a single piece of software. Had I known about this in advance, I wouldn't have bought the software.

That said, I can get the software to start on Mojave (14.2) with the tips they give in this post. It immediately crashes out as I try to edit the base graphic though, so it's not super useful getting it to boot on mac.

That sucks. So I guess there's no way to get a refund. I can't figure out how to even ask for one.


First of all sorry the tool not works on your system but if you read the page:

"*Test DEMO and read the Limitations List before buying!!*"

This makes sure the game/tool works on your machine and it works perfectly with all the possible limitations or OS errors and give you an idea if worth purchase on your system. This is made to avoid scams like purchase and ask for refund due not works when they do.

Btw, about how to ask for a refund:


"This is made to avoid scams like purchase and ask for refund"

What about this scams, that sell program on Steam, and after while they don't release updates or respond to their customers? 

Huh, what about this SCAMS?

I am on mac os catalina and getting the damaged error message.. I've toggled on the "anywhere" option in security and it hasnt helped me.  Any other ideas?

Have ou tried this ? :

Look in google the problem you got on Mac to see the fixes, because sure other people already had it before:


Hey hey! Love this program when on my Windows, but is it possible to get one that is compiled for the new Apple M1 ARM CPUs? Or at least compiled to support the Rosetta Translation layer? I understand if this is out of scope, would just be extremely cool! :D

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Potential macOS buyers: This software does not run under macOS Big Sur. The old solutions to force running unsigned apps does not work. Hopefully the developer updates the app, but the outlook is grim given how long ago the last update was. I won’t pursue a refund in hopes it gets updated (and the app looks really great), but the developer should really consider de-listing for now and stop outwardly presenting it as Mac software when it doesn’t function on the latest operating system—let alone the previous ones without workarounds. “Well, you shoulda tried a demo!” isn’t much of an answer either when it simply doesn’t function regardless. I trusted the listing by the dev and feeling a little burned and disappointed.

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Just bought this for Mac. I found the new fix and it works for me so far.

edit: this is the new fix

edit edit: the 'visuals' bug detailed a few posts above is yet to be updated. doesn't fully work for Mac even with the workaround. 

holy smokes this worked. thank you!!!!!!!!! I am on Ventura, so it runs on the most up-to-date MacOS as of Aug 2023

Oh wow, thanks for the heads up on MAC OS big Sur. Damn I hate that I updated a year ago...nothing runs on the damned thing.