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Mac OS Support should be removed from the store page

A topic by Tiny Paladin created 51 days ago Views: 62 Replies: 2
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Wanted to send this through a direct message, but there wasn't any way to.

Picked up a copy and sent this to a team member working on MacOS, and of course it didn't work.

The Mac version of Pixel FX Designer doesn't work with modern MacOS, or even with a lot of older setups. I get that keeping things working on Mac requires constant work from the developer, and that probably doesn't make sense from a developer perspective to keep updating this program. You just really should delist the MacOS version, because as it stands now you are just implicitly lying to users that "oh yeah, totally runs on Mac my guy" when it just doesn't.


Hi there,

Although I'd really love to remove the MacOS version, as far as I know Itchio doesn't have an option to keep the MacOS build for existing customers and just remove it from new customers. And it doesn't sound fair to me that there's probably someone out there that bought the app to use it on an older Mac device, and I'd be removing their access to an app that works for them and that they paid for.

Having the option to remove it for future customers would make my life easier, but I think there's no better way to handle this than just leaving it there and processing refunds when needed and always being clear that the MacOS version is discontinued.

I'm on a pretty new macbook pro (2 year old  M1 Mac sonoma 14.3.1) and Pixel FX designer works flawlessly for me  out of the box (both 1.x and the new 2.x beta) I would appreciate  if the mac versions stayed around  馃榿 Thanks for making a rad tool.