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Hi there,

I'm not sure if that's a bug of Game Maker Studio 2 itself or if there's something wrong with the exporter, I've added it to the todolist to check it before the next update.

Hi there!

I've just added the suggestions to the todolist, not much else to say, they look helpful :)

Hi there,

I've been testing that and indeed it seems to be a problem when saving/loading (I'm not sure which one causes the bug) that doesn't affect the first keyframe of the animation properly. I've added it to the todo list to be fixed in the next version. Thanks for the report.

Hi there and sorry for the late reply, I don't usually check forums but I'll do it more often from now on.

I've just replied to a similar post the steam forums with more information about this issue, please check it out:

As a TL;DR: I can't fix some bugs for the OSX version due to the engine where Pixel FX Designer was made having some functions that simply don't work on any other platform than Windows. I'll be contacting Steam so we can provide refunds for OSX users that went over 2 hours of use of the program.

Muchas gracias! 

La verdad fue todo una carrera a contrarreloj y hay muchas cosas que habría cambiado en su momento de haber podido testearlo un poco más. Sin duda Forager fue una gran inspiración para el juego, ya que su forma minimalista de manejar el inventario y producción me pareció perfecta para desarrollarla en el menor tiempo posible. Forsaken Isle no lo conocía pero una búsqueda rápida me ha dado muchísimas ganas de probarlo :). 

Yes, this tool exports the animation to a .gif or .png spritesheet that can be imported into any engine and kind of game.

You can change the properties, what changing midlife and death emitters does is set which particle will be created at the event, you can modify the particle by changing the emitter properties.

Hi LaurentK,

We can't do much about those errors if we don't get more info, please send us your crash reports or steps to reproduce. :)

Hi Garfeild!

That might be caused because a problem with permissions, check this link out:

Hi Mickey,

I've tried to reproduce the crash but it works fine for me. We've launch a couple of updates today to fix some issues, can you try to re-download it and tell me if it still crashes?

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Hi David!

Thanks for the report, a patch is on its way :)

EDIT: Update is here, it should work fine now.

Silly bug, it's now fixed in v1.1.5 :)

As @Kronbits said, most of these suggestions are under development and the others are on our roadmap.

About the point 5 though, I personally use this tool for my games, which I make with GMS2 and It's actually pretty easy to import, as the spritesheet is ready to do this :). This are the steps I follow:

1. Export the render effect from the tool, in the name suggestion you will have something like _100x100px which indicates the size of each frame. (The number of frames will also be added to the suggested title in the future.).

2. Import the spritesheet to your GMS2 project.

3. Open the sprite in the image editor and go to. Image > Convert to Frames.

4. Add 100x100 (or whatever your number is) to Frame Width/Height. Set "Number of Frames" and "Frames per Row" to a very high number, like 999. Accept.

5. Go to Image > Auto Trim All Frames.

6. Delete extra frames (this are caused by the spritesheet, having the exact number of frames in the suggested title will avoid this step.)

... and done. You have your animation trimmed and loaded. It's really easy and straight forward once you do it a couple of times.


The seamless loop doesn't work with motion movement and neither with timelines. Timelines will be added to seamless looping in the future but circle and hor/ver sine movements are not possible due to them being based on their own time.

I don't get what you mean with rendering speed, every time you hit the render button it creates a new seed so the animation is different, but that shouldn't affect the animation speed.

Sorry I don't understand what you mean, maybe you have the particle blendmode set to "Additive"? That will "kinda" change the transparency to black/white,

They way it's programmed, it won't work with negative values of "Circle", but you could set the time to be negative and it will reverse de direction. Not the user-friendliest function, I know, but it's a workaround until it gets remade.

It's fixed now in v1.1.4, coming soon :)

Hi! I'm testing it and it works fine for me, can you give me more info about the steps to reproduce this?

Nice catch! I'll get it fixed for the next update.

It needs to be in a completely different folder, not the same and not in a subfolder. It's stated in the "Limitations" section of the tool's page. I'll make it clearer there.


Are you exporting the png to the same folder where the .exe is located?

That's actually a really really good idea, I'll try to add something like that in the next update!

Hi chrizZzly!

We actually experimented with something like that for directions, but It was confusing due to how directions and min/max work. We have moved that to the low-priority queue and we'll get back to it when we have some spare time.

What do you mean with a border around everything? We could add the option to make the outline thicker, but it would eat a lot of resources.

Hi Myska, thanks for the support!

Timelines is something I wanted when I started working on this, but It's being pushed back as more important features are being added. It'll come eventually :). The end emitter "timer" it's a great idea, I'll add it to the roadmap to add it whenever I can. :)

I'd guess that you are using Additive blending, that will make the particles colors blend despite being on different layers. Changing it to Normal will avoid that happening. :)

Hi there!

I'm not sure why this happen, but might be some kind of conflict between how ImageMagick encodes the GIF and how GMS2 decodes it. As a GMS2 user (this tool is made in GMS2) I would not recommend you to import sprites from gifs, you should import the spritesheet and then in the image editor go to Image > Convert to frames and create an animation from there. That will spare you a lot of problems that gifs can create.

A "Layer" function has now been added to v1.1.2, allowing to change the particles draw order. :)

Hi subwooferx3, thanks for the support!

A new "Scale" function has been added in the v1.1.2, if you set it to <1> it will disable the pixelation and will allow you to export it as if it was the Particle Render, you can even add a custom palette to it. :)

Hi biffbacon, thanks for the support!

Custom sprite animation speed and emitter delay have been added in the v1.1.2, thanks for the suggestions!

Linux and Mac support are on our roadmap and should come soon.

You can input the exact value of a slider by right clicking it, it's not mentioned anywhere yet, we should make a help button with "hidden" commands. Frame rate control and canvas resize are coming in the next update. Number of rows/columns is a bit tricky, if you get a very large spritesheet by tweaking those values it might crash if your GPU is not a beast in terms of VRAM, but I'll have a look at it.

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Blood_hit.ppd has a delay on the emitters yes, but that used to cause problems with emitters and got disabled in the latest update. It'll come back in the next update :)

And you are absolutely right about the wording on "Angle Mode", you suggestion is much, much better :D

EDIT: I forgot about the hidden UI! It's not documented anywhere yet, there's only right-click to change slider value, and Left Shift + Right Mouse to move all emitters at once.

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Hi eishiya, I'll go point by point.

  • Set a delay on particle emission

- This is actually on our roadmap, It was in the low priority queue but I've just moved it to high for being a high requested feature. It should be added in the next update.

  • Have slower speeds

- You can just right click any slider to input any value, even if the value is not between the default min/max values.

  • Adjust the values of sliders with the keyboard

- That's a nice idea, you can adjust the values with the mouse wheel, but I'll add the arrow keys and WASD for my gamers fellows.

  • Control the frame rate

- Yeah, it was removed with the UI rework, we forgot about it :P. We'll add it again in the next update.

  • Copy+paste emitters

- As you said, this is now a feature that will come in the next update.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Hi SpaceMouse!

It's nothing wrong with the .pal file, this minor color change is due to the palette shader, it gets the colors from the .pal file, for example (75,75,75) then divide them by "255" to get the correct color for the shader. In this example this will give "0.2941176" (with a lot more decimals), and my guess is that when it turns the value back to rgb on the image, it gets rounded to two decimals, "0.29", which multiplied again by 255 gives a result of "73.95". This is how shaders works and I don't think I can do much about it, sorry :(

And about the .gif, it only exports to the same directory due to the tool being made in Game Maker Studio 2, which doesn't have a prope .gif export. It has to export a spritesheet and use ImageMagick with cmd commands to render it as a .gif, which doesn't allow the user to choose the directory or name. Maybe the program will support a better export in the future, but this is the only workaround I could think of atm.

Particles' depth/z position is currently buggy, we'll add an option to change particle depth (that properly works) in the next update.

You have to click "Outline" and "Background" to activate them. :)

And you are right, lists (shape, blendmode) don't get refreshed when loading a project. I'll add it to the bug list.

Glad to hear that it works outside the tool's root folder, at least you can use it while it gets fixed. :)

Have you tried saving outside the tool's root folder?

It should save a .ppd file with all the info of current effect. I've received some reports from people that also couldn't save, I'll look into it asap.

Hi HeadClot,

Could you be more specific about what you mean with Isometric support?