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Hi there,

Sorry to hear that Juice FX didn't live up to your expectations. You can absolutely request a refund to Itchio support and they will proceed without any trouble.

As for the app, I'm not sure about what sample projects you are talking about, as Juice FX doesn't include any. It does include a handful of presets which I've just gone and tested and they all work just fine. About documentation you are right, Juice FX includes documentation for its scripting system but not for the main program, which is a miss on my end, but I don't recall having complaints about the lack of documentation or not being user friendly over this 5 years since the app was released, so I didn't look into it. This doesn't nullify your point at all.

In the future If you are interested in any of my other apps, I always include demos of them and I'd strongly suggest to check them out to see if they fit you before making the decision to purchase them. I have a "no questions asked" refund policy in any case tough.

I sadly don't have access to Win11 at the moment, but people that have had these kind of errors usually get them fixed by updating their GPU controllers. Sorry that I can't be of much help.

My fault, there was a silly bug in v0.3.2.0, you should be able to download v0.3.2.1 now which should properly work.

SmearFX is more specialized in pixel art images, and has a quicker workflow than SpriteMancer. Making an smear animation in SmearFX can take (literally) two clicks, while in SpriteMancer there's more stuff going on and everything takes more work.

To give a silly example, If you want to do a quick sketch or paste a print screen image, you are probably going to open Paint instead of Photoshop because It's easier to work for certain things, despite both being capable of doing the same thing.

This sounds to me that the problem is that you are running the app with your integrated graphics card instead of the dedicated one. Try right clicking the .exe file and check if it lets you choose the gpu to be used.

Oh yeah I understand the struggle! Adding a warning message is something that I want to add in the next update.

Hi there,

That is weird, are you trying to save the project to the same folder where the app is located? That is known to cause issues.

Everything you create using one of my apps is legally yours to do whatever you want :)

Hi there,

I'm super sorry, I don't know how I missed this message 😥

SpriteMancer is built for x64 systems, so that's probably why you are being unable to run it. I'm unfamiliar with Parallels though, so I might be wrong. Your best chance would be to ask in the Discord community in case there's someone else that managed to get it working.

Thanks! I wasn't aware of that 😄

Hi there,

I'm not familiar with chromebooks but I believe they use a different OS than Windows. Pixel FX Designer is only supported on Windows.

When you hit render after loading a burst preset, the animation should play and the render process should start.  If that doesn't happen, could you share your project file so I can check out what's going on?

You can do collisions for fluids using Image or Shape elements. You just need to tick the "Solid" checkbox.

Hi there,

SpriteMancer is being actively developed and getting new features every month, but there's functionality that isn't included from my other apps. It is also a different workflow and depending on your needs one app or the other could be more useful. For example, I personally tend to use Juice FX over SpriteMancer for small and quick animations, as Juice FX is more "to the point" and faster to use.


It is not possible at the moment, but the node graph section is going to get an update later this year with a partial rewrite and more functionality including the ability to use keyframes for node values. 

Hi there,

This post explains how to retrieve the steam key

Hi there,

You can change font scale in Edit > Preferences > General. There's no automatic display ppi detection yet sorry!

Yes, you can disable "Trim" in the export menu to achieve that.

Hi there,

This bug was fixed in the v0.2.0.2 update, thanks for the report!

Linux/MacOs ports are planned for later this year.

It only works with fluids for now. Particles and Image "break" pieces will be added in future updates.

That's weird. The app does have problems exporting to the same folder where the app is located but It should work fine anywhere else. Does exporting animations work?

You can add multiple Input nodes and connect them to nodes that aren't in a chain, so you can apply different effects to different layers. The node system will have a major upgrade in the following updates though.

The GIF support is kinda there, I need to improve the support and performance in a future update too.

Palette customization sounds great, but that would probably take a huge chunk of development time that is more needed in other places at the moment. I've added it to the private roadmap so It's something that I'll tackle at some point in the future.

It is not currently planned, but I'll add it to the suggestion list to see If I can include it between updates.

Hi there!

More support is planned actually, the timeline update is now in beta and will be publicly available soon, that further expands the animation possibilities. GIFs and Spritesheets can currently be imported in SpriteMancer.

3D is very primitive at the moment, but more options are planned and they will be coming this year.

Color palettes cannot be customized inside the app (you can enable/disable single colors). That's not planned but It's something that I can look into adding.

You can check the current roadmap here:

Sorry I missed this!

This is an error that happens to some users and I haven't find a solution or why It's happening yet. My guess is that the app can't access some files or they get corrupted, but I don't know why that happens.

I've gone ahead and removed some files that weren't being used, like the ImageMagick's ffmpeg build. Thanks for the heads up!

Hi there,

That's probably because you have "Trim" enabled, that option will remove all the blank space from the export to make it more compact and efficient. It shouldn't alter the animation though, would you mind sharing your project file so I can check out what's happening?

Hi there,

Sorry I missed this post earlier, I think I know why that happens, thanks for the report!

Hi there and thank you!

The only difference is that watermarks are added when exporting. Everything else is included in the demo.

Hi there,

Thanks for the heads up, this one reported on Discord before but I haven't had time to sit and clear the unused files of the folder.  I didn't notice the .dylib, but the extra copy of ffmpeg is because I wasn't sure how the ImageMagick was build, so I kept both just in case until I had time to run some tests.

Sorry If there was some confusion, the tree tops and the clouds shown in the examples use the same sprites, the only difference is the color.

Added to the suggestion list.

Yes, templates included.

Yes, anything created with SpriteMancer is considered yours and you are free to use it wherever and however you want.

This should be fixed now.

The GIF export is being completely changed in the update coming next Monday. Sorry for the trouble.

Hi there and thank you!

Multiple inputs/outputs is planned, and coming in one of the next updates. I didn't thought about duplicating nodes, and It wasn't requested yet either so I'll add it to the list, this one is simple so It'll probably make it to next week's update. Spritesheet export configuration is coming in the next update.

Hi there,

It is planned, but I don't have an ETA right now.

Hi there,

Yes, this is actually coming in the next update. :)