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You are right, I forgot to add a couple of character animations, my bad!

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Yes :) I've updated the title and description to specify it.


Thanks for the report, I've added it to the backlog and will be fixed in the next update.

The load bug was fixed a couple months ago, but I've never seen a BSOD crash in any lf the tools. Does it only happen with Juice FX?

A new update is coming this week, but I'm afraid it looks like It's something related to your PC.

The load bug was fixed a couple months ago, but I've never seen a BSOD crash in any lf the tools. Does it only happen with Juice FX?

Silly oversight on my end! I'll fix it in the next update.

Hi there, there's no support for that at the momento but that's something I can easily add when I get time to update the app :)

Hi there, check out that you are not saving to the same folder where the app is located, for some reason it doesn't work in certain computers.

Somehow I missed the reply to this, I'll check it out as soon as I have time.

Hi there,

We always try to make it very clear that you are buying a pack with the wording, and Itchio does show all the content of the pack before purchasing it so there's no confussion. You can however request a refund to Itchio support and tell them what happened.

Hi there,

I've added you suggestion to the backlog, I was planning on revisiting the color section on the next update, I found myself having trouble with it when doing some personal vfx. The tunnel vision when developing makes everything look so obvious but now I can better see the user's perspective. :)

Hi there!

IIRC Mini FX doesn't have a check for file format, and I can easily add it this weekend when I get some free time :) Adding instructions in-app sounds like a good plan too.

All the other tools have a demo, but this one being so small I didn't add it. I'll add it in the future.

Both platforms have the same version of Juice FX, but I didn't create a patch notes on Steam as the last update as just a very minor change.

Also, buying here on Itchio grants you a steam key too :

Absolutely, send me a DM over Twitter on @CodeManuPro :)

Yes! It's in the backlog and should be fixed in the next update. :)

I've checked it out and there's still plenty of Steam keys available, you should probably contact Itchio support.

Steam keys have been replenished :)

Hi there,
I don't know what you mean with confetti VFX, but you can go back to the default particle shape by going to "Basic > Shape > Circle".

They are not, but I can include a couple I made for testing purposes :)

Partially, I made a rock/cloud generator but It did have some issues and a high % of the results were just plain bad. So It's a mixture of procedural generation + handcraft.

Hi there,

It should indeed crop the particle and remove all the whitespace around the frames. If It's cutting the particle in half there's probably some bug hapenning there, could you provide steps to reproduce the issue?

I just deleted my post as I was just typing that, glad you sorted that out, and thanks for the cheers! :)

I've just checked the file and it seems corrupted, or It's a file format that I don't know. Tried using it on Aseprite too and it didn't recognize it.

Hi there,

That sounds strange, could you give me a link to the .pal file so I can inspect it?

Hi there,

Supports still care ?
Sorry I didn't understand this, could you explain it further?

How i can make circle but reverse  (motion)
To do the circle in reverse you can set the circle time to a negative number.

Visual is Black Screen
Are you on OSX or Windows? That's a problem of the mac version which was discontinued.

Motion Delete path dont work
I've just tested it and it works fine, could you provide the steps you are following to reproduce this issue?

Yes, it will be on a beta branch but it'll post an announcement with instructions on how to use it.

Hi there,

A new Pixel FX Designer beta update will be available later this month.

Hi there,

This issue is already resolved and will be fixed in the next patch.

Hi there,

I've just tested it out and I can resize the canvas to 500px both before and after importing an image without problems. Could you provide the steps to reproduce your issue?


Lo apunto para añadirlo en la próxima versión, es algo que me han pedido bastante. En cuanto al tema de exportar a GIF, el fondo estaba forzado para evitar algunos desperfectos del sistema de renderizado de gifs que usé en esta app. La posibilidad de desactivarlo no me agrada, pero personalizarlo es una cosa que si se podría añadir.


The only difference is that full version allows you to export the animation. :)

Good to hear that you found a method to make it work! I don't have plans currently to port it to OSX and Linux but I might check it out in the future.

Hi there,

We might look into it in the future but there's no plan to port it to OSX or Linux at the moment.

Pixel FX Designer doesn't have a output scaler integrated, sorry. I know it could be easier if it was, but you can still resize the output spritesheet in any image editor software.


Could you provide the steps to reproduce this issue and the project file?

Hi there,

The options for exporting are: Spritesheet(.png), Individual frame files(.png) and .gif. On the other hand, both spritesheets and single frame images in .png format are accepted.

That sounds like the app isn't using your dedicated GPU (in this case 1050ti) but your integrated one, and that it cannot handle the particles as It should. Did it work correctly before updating drivers?


Could you tell me which version of Pixel FX Designer are you running and what example did you try to load?