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Exporting to the same folder where the exe is located is known to cause issues, please try a different folder to check if it works.

Hi there,

Pixel FX Designer comes with a good amount of examples within its files. Not all the effects shown in the Itchio page are included, the waterfall one I think It is but others are from a separate pack by Davit Masia

You can download the demo to check with examples are included and see If It is what you are looking for.

GUI scaling is coming in the next updates, but in the meantime you can do this:

Open Properties for JuiceFX then click on Compatibility tab
Click on Change high DPI settings
Tick the Override high DPI box
Select System to let your system decide the DPI for the app.

Yes, you can go to the node graph section, and go to System > Import/Expor

Hi there!

Yes support for Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian characters is planned and should come soon. There are also plans to localize the app to the most common languages afterwards.

It's an easy thing to do on both 1.x and 2.x versions, It's just a matter of hitting the loop button. :)

I'll look into porting this to OSX/Linux early next year.

You can also press Left Control + Mouse to change the slider into an input field. Adding shift/ctrl modifiers to wheel scrolling sounds good though.

Hi there,

This feature still requires implementation, which will happen before this year ends!

This year! The beta is almost ready but life is being hard lately and I haven't been able to work on it as much as I'd like.

Hi there,

Exporting  a spritesheet/gif is disabled in HD mode to avoid gpu crashes when using too much VRAM. You can export the animation in single .png frames, which can be used to create a spritesheet with third programs.

This limitation only applies to Juice FX v1.x, in the 2.0 update which is coming soon there will be no limits like this.

Hi there,

You can use Left Control + LMB to manually edit any sliders.

Hi there,

If you mean older versions of the app, or the 2.0 version, they are included as beta branches on Steam.

The particles are also included within the app files.

If I missed something, that's definitely not intended, so let me know in case I can fix it. :)

Hi there,

You can enter manual values into any slider with "Left Control + LMB" that way you can exceed the slider limits.

This will be better explained in the docs when I get to update them.

Hi there!

I'm very interested in why you think that the current support isn't enough, as I'd like to support low res as much as possible. In the v2.0 update you can set the canvas size (in the v2.0.0.5 you can set the canvas size for blank projects so you don't have to redefine them every time). If you need exactly 16x16, 32x32 or such without trimming, you can deselect the trim option when rendering. Loops should work for any length, and If it doesn't a warning popup should appear with a "Fix It" button, this might not work on edge cases but If that's the case let me know so I can fix it.

What changes do you think would allow you to have a better use of the app? If you want to have a more direct conversation about this, we are on Discord:

Hi there,

Could you describe what problems are you having when saving project or exporting? Are you exporting to the same folder where the app is located? That's known to cause issues.

You can enter exact values by using "Left Control + LMB", that will change the slider into an input field.

JuiceFX v2.0 is under development right now, after it gets released I have plans to get all the tools on Linux/MacOs


Are you trying to export to the same folder where the app is located? If so, please try a different location

It's not currently possible but I'll add the option in the next update.

That usually happens when you run out of VRAM, It's likely that you used a big canvas or rendered a very long animation.

Hi there,

Are you trying to save the preset/project to the same folder where JuiceFX is located? That is a known bug that I sadly can't do anything about. If that's the case, try saving it to a different folder and it should work.

I've been tweaking it here and there and a circle spreading (pushing from inside to outside) will need big changes on the code, so I'll add it to the todo list and push it a bit further back in the roadmap, as I do have a couple of things I want to add first (mainly, layers/emitters).

However, I'll add in the next update a direction slider, that combined with the burst slider will allow to do spiral emission, and I'll also add a min/max direction so it can be randomized.

I don't know what you mean by "turbulence", the results of the simulations should be different everytime you hit simulation or records buttons. If that's not enough, there's a "Morph" button on the 'Properties' tab that will slightly alter the properties.

Looping is a whole other beast, some parameters alter the simulation way too much to allow looping. (Set maccormack weight material to 1 for example, there's no way to loop that) but It's something I want to add in the future by disabling certain features so It's doable. I don't know what you mean with "Duration", maybe that's the 'Burst' slider?

Still not quite it, but I've managed to achieve a spiral emitter. The 360º spreading will be a bit harder, but I have an idea I want to test.

They are always updated at the same time. When buying the Itchio version you get a Steam key, but If you buy it on Steam you don't get an Itchio key.

I think what op was refering is something close to that image, but with the spreading going 360º instead of upwards. Also that looks rad!

That's something that I'm looking into, but I didn't want to talk about it until I get it done with a good quality :)

There's no way of doing that at the moment, but I've added it to the suggestions list and I'll get it added in the next update!

Fluid FX is a x86 application. I don't know if there's any workaround to make it work with ARM as I'm not familiar at all with that architecture, sorry. :(

Yes! I always add steam keys to my apps when possible.

It doesn't require it at all. You also get a Steam key as an extra if you buy it here on Itchio.

Sorry I've been out for some days, there are new Steam keys available now!

You are right, I forgot to add a couple of character animations, my bad!

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Yes :) I've updated the title and description to specify it.


Thanks for the report, I've added it to the backlog and will be fixed in the next update.

The load bug was fixed a couple months ago, but I've never seen a BSOD crash in any lf the tools. Does it only happen with Juice FX?

A new update is coming this week, but I'm afraid it looks like It's something related to your PC.

The load bug was fixed a couple months ago, but I've never seen a BSOD crash in any lf the tools. Does it only happen with Juice FX?

Silly oversight on my end! I'll fix it in the next update.

Hi there, there's no support for that at the momento but that's something I can easily add when I get time to update the app :)

Hi there, check out that you are not saving to the same folder where the app is located, for some reason it doesn't work in certain computers.

Somehow I missed the reply to this, I'll check it out as soon as I have time.