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So that definately has to do with size rounding, I've added it to the todo list and should be fixed in the next update. Thanks for the report!

Hi there,

This looks indeed weird, it might be due to rounding the canvas size in order to get the 32x32 frame size. Could you check if this issue occurs when using a 400x400 canvas?

Hi there,

This bug has been addressed and should be fixed in the next update. Thanks for the report.

Hi there!

Could you send me a video or gif about how the animation looks in the program and after being export? I can't reproduce this issue.

Hi there!

Which exporting method are you referring? Spritesheet and frame by frame should allow you to name the result.

Hi there,

There's a "Render Time" slider at the right side of the "Simulate" button, you can change the length of the rendering there.

Hi there!

This is not possible at the moment, due to the render canvas size being hardcoded in order to reduce the number of things that can go wrong with it. It might be looked into the future but with a big red warning that using canvas that aren't powers of 2 can cause from little artifacts to random crashes. 

EDIT: I'm sorry, I thought that you meant to change the canvas size to 450x450 (I shouldn't read that fast). You might be using the HD mode, it increases the output resolution in order to achieve the HD look. In order to get a 512x512 canvas you should use the pixel art mode.

Hi BoThompson!

Let me go point by point:

1) Currently when the window is resized, the sprite is resized in the preview window, leading to a Preview Scale of 1 not actually being a 1:1 relationship the moment the window is resized.

- This happens due to the resize only resizing the drawing surface, a proper resize method is planned but it will take some time as some missing features and bugs have higher priority.

2) A more granular option to control what tints or otherwise shift from palette A to palette B would be nice.

- Sorry, I didn't understand what you meant with this. :(

3) *Bug* When I simulate an animation that involves breaking, the simulation temporarily changes to Preview Scale 1 (but the slider/value does not change), regardless of my currently set Preview Scale. At simulation end it reverts.

- Preview Scale works fine for me along with Break function, maybe you are doing it on HD mode? HD mode currently has a bug that makes that happen.

4) What exactly does the reverse toggle at the bottom of the Simulate/Render section do? It doesn't appear to do either of the things I was expecting (reversing the animation or reversing the layer)

- It does reverse the animation, but only when the animation is rendered.

5) An option to make a layer orbit around center with a radius, speed, and inclination and/or major/minor axes would create a lot of new options very fast.

- Not a bad idea, added to the roadmap. :)

6) Blur is nice but it appears to shrink the sprite rather than spreading it as seen on the test sprite included, and it would be helpful to have some sort of method to decide the level of blur.

- Blur was a quick addition when releasing the v1.0 version, it should had more control but other features took priority by then, a rework of the blur fx, along with more fx are planned too.

Thanks for the feedback!

I didn't mean direction in the traditional degrees meaning, I was talking about horizontal and vertical direction of the waves (plus decay). 

Hi there! I'll cover all suggestions one by one:

*Sine wave effect (horizontal and vertical mode)- not the Wave effect but like waves along one line through the sprite (Thomas the animator left a request, I don't know if you understood or saw his last reply).

- This was added to the Roadmap, I've just replied to Thomas and I think it is a great idea.

*Full rotation - not for simple sprites but would be good for layered sprites.

- Do you mean the Timed one? I was planning on revamping the rotation in order to add min/max rotation sliders which would help to get more control.

*Better control over when to simulate. When messing around with several layers with Break effects it can get quite laggy and it simulates each time we change something.

- I guess we could add a checkbox to disable the on change render. :)

*Being able to clear/empty a layer.

- You can reset all properties but it won't delete the image, I don't think it is needed for the image to be removed, as you can hide the layer, but we'll talk about it.

*Hiding layers with Break can still cause lag, not too bad for me but maybe skipping the effect might help.

- Yes, hiding layers make the layers to not draw, but the logic still applies to them, I'll fix this when possible.

*I can still move the sliders or the sprite's origin when rendering. This actually gets rendered which can produce fun renderings like pulsating Tint on and off, moving the sprite around when using rotation, or puppeteering the sprite with the right mouse button. (Please don't remove this, I find it useful making certain animations).

- I have to test this lol. :D

And thanks for the feedback!

Hi there!

I've added this feature to the Roadmap, I though about it when developing the tool before release, but it poofed from my mind when working on other things. I think it can be a nice cool feature, along with a "fade out" flash.

Hi there!

This was added to the roadmap, HD version it's just a "supersampling" version of the Pixel version, and it changes the way some values work. The break fade out fx in HD is just a blatant bug, thanks for the report!

Hi again Thomas, and sorry for the late reply.

It seems silly now that I understand what you meant, I never thought about giving direction to the waves when I was implementing them but sounds like a natural addition, I've added this to the roadmap and I'll add it to the app as soon as I can. It might take a bit of time, as I'll have to change the way it works now, without breaking old save files, but it will come. :)

Hi Thomas! Thank you so much for the detailed feedback, I'll try to do my best to cover every point.

1.) Sliders in Wobble can't be slided back to 0 manually - just to 0.01 / -0.01 - very annoying

As you said, you can already do this with middle and right mouse click, but you are right that It's only mentioned in the patch notes, we should make it more clear somewhere. Adding the small box with the arrows might be tricky, as there's no much space and a tiny box like in the example you send wouldn't work, as some values are triple digits. We will consider it and see what can be done though.

2.) FPS setting

As a non-animator I didn't think about this, and it can be easily done, thanks!

3.) Sinus

I'm not 100% sure, but isn't this the "Wave" function in the "Timed" tab?

4) Turnarounds.
This is something that has been in the roadmap from the beginning but other things were prioritized, it should come out soon :)

And I think that's all, thanks again for the support and have a nice day :)

Hi there,

As Kronbits said, it only allows static images at the moment (not only .png, you can import a .jpeg for example, though highly not recommended.) but more people have asked for animation support, so that's something we might consider for a future addition.


That looks fancy :) I've added it to the todo-list.

Hi there!

I didn't think it would be needed in this app, as the timed effects have a "Time" slider, that being a multiple of the render time it should always loop. Burst and Fade Out effects can't be looped by nature.

Hi there,

Have you tried exporting to a different folder? With Pixel FX Designer we had some people that couldn't export to the app's root folder. The .gif function always export to the same file due to the limitations of the engine that Juice FX was built on.

Hi again,

This issue has been resolved in v1.0.3 (to be released). The time function used for the effects wasn't framerate dependant so if the app dipped below 60fps it would affect the render, breaking the seamless loop. Thanks for the report!

Hi there!

It seems to loop fine for me, could you send me some examples of this issue?


I can't reproduce this issue (or I can't see it) could you please send me some screenshots or video footage of this issue?

Hi there!

Does it look like this in the render preview? I can see the outline noise might be caused by the .gif compression, but the loop should always look as it looks in the preview.

Thank you again!

Yeah it's looking that getting it on Steam has a real chance now, I'll talk it out with Davit and we'll see if can get on it after today's update. About the bigger canvas we are currently talking about it and we'll try to get it working as soon as possible.

For my personal use, I never go over 128x128, but something like 512x512 would be huge if you are planning to use the HD mode, as it would take 2048x2048(!) frames. We will most likely add it as an option but with a huge, red, capital warning.

That's weird, I've tried again and it happened as you said, yesterday it worked fine for me. I'll check the code, thanks for the report!

Hi there!

I've just replied to another thread with the same request, I'll paste my comment here: 
"About the bigger sprites, I'm planning to do some tests with a bigger canvas, but depending on the size it might be an overkill for most GPUs, so I can't promise anything at the moment, but I'll surely look what it can be done."


If the app ends up having a big enough audience, we'll surely put it on Steam, and if that happens, all itchio buyers will have a free Steam key like we did with Pixel FX Designer.

About the bigger sprites, I'm planning to do some tests with a bigger canvas, but depending on the size it might be an overkill for most GPUs, so I can't promise anything at the moment, but I'll surely look what it can be done.

Thanks for the support!


Could you give me more info about this? I'm trying to reproduce the bug but it works fine for me.


The app renders a spritesheet and you can export it as a whole, export it frame by frame or export it as a .gif. It doesn't export the code as it uses different shaders and different moving parts that would make including it into a project a real pain.

Hi there,

I'm not sure if that's a bug of Game Maker Studio 2 itself or if there's something wrong with the exporter, I've added it to the todolist to check it before the next update.

Hi there!

I've just added the suggestions to the todolist, not much else to say, they look helpful :)

Hi there,

I've been testing that and indeed it seems to be a problem when saving/loading (I'm not sure which one causes the bug) that doesn't affect the first keyframe of the animation properly. I've added it to the todo list to be fixed in the next version. Thanks for the report.

Hi there and sorry for the late reply, I don't usually check forums but I'll do it more often from now on.

I've just replied to a similar post the steam forums with more information about this issue, please check it out:

As a TL;DR: I can't fix some bugs for the OSX version due to the engine where Pixel FX Designer was made having some functions that simply don't work on any other platform than Windows. I'll be contacting Steam so we can provide refunds for OSX users that went over 2 hours of use of the program.

Muchas gracias! 

La verdad fue todo una carrera a contrarreloj y hay muchas cosas que habría cambiado en su momento de haber podido testearlo un poco más. Sin duda Forager fue una gran inspiración para el juego, ya que su forma minimalista de manejar el inventario y producción me pareció perfecta para desarrollarla en el menor tiempo posible. Forsaken Isle no lo conocía pero una búsqueda rápida me ha dado muchísimas ganas de probarlo :). 

Yes, this tool exports the animation to a .gif or .png spritesheet that can be imported into any engine and kind of game.

You can change the properties, what changing midlife and death emitters does is set which particle will be created at the event, you can modify the particle by changing the emitter properties.

Hi LaurentK,

We can't do much about those errors if we don't get more info, please send us your crash reports or steps to reproduce. :)

Hi Garfeild!

That might be caused because a problem with permissions, check this link out:

Hi Mickey,

I've tried to reproduce the crash but it works fine for me. We've launch a couple of updates today to fix some issues, can you try to re-download it and tell me if it still crashes?

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Hi David!

Thanks for the report, a patch is on its way :)

EDIT: Update is here, it should work fine now.