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Could you provide the steps to reproduce this issue and the project file?

Hi there,

The options for exporting are: Spritesheet(.png), Individual frame files(.png) and .gif. On the other hand, both spritesheets and single frame images in .png format are accepted.

That sounds like the app isn't using your dedicated GPU (in this case 1050ti) but your integrated one, and that it cannot handle the particles as It should. Did it work correctly before updating drivers?


Could you tell me which version of Pixel FX Designer are you running and what example did you try to load?

Thanks, glad to hear that!

Thank you! But, why is a downside the theme?

Thank you sir!

Thank you LazyDoge! It was such a trip to make it

Hi there!

Did you used the paste from clipboard function? This bug has already been reported and I'm tracking it down!

I've checked it out and it does infact load with a solid background. It seems that for some reason the alpha mask is acting weird. I've loaded the png into Aseprite and exported it again without changing anything and now it works.

Can I ask what image editor did you use?


Could you post the image you are trying to import? Is it a .png without background?

Hi there,

You can right click any slider to input the exact value that you want, exceding min/max values too. Projects are essentially what you say, the only difference between a project and a preset would be that the project includes an image, which can be changed at any point.

If it's on my hands, yes, but Steam lately doesn't provide keys if there's not a similar amount of sales on both shops. So just bear in mind that It might happen that it doesn't sell enough on Steam and I can't generate the keys.

There's no difference AFAIK, but even if the approval process is faster than 2 weeks, the earliest release you can set is 2 weeks from setting up the page.


What do you mean by pixel rendering? You can hit the "Resize canvas" button and that will allow using bigger sprites that are not pixel art. You can then use the mouse wheel on the canvas screen to increase or reduce zoom and when exporting the output should be 1:1 to your input.

Sadly there's nothing I can do, Steam's approval process takes at least a couple weeks.

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Yes! It should take a couple of weeks to be available on Steam.


This is a known bug that will be fixed in the next update. For a workaround, you can make the sprite just a couple pixels bigger and it should work.

Hi David!

Thanks for the report! I'll get it checked out as soon as possible.

Hi there,

You can increase the canvas size on the Custom tab, you can exceed the max 400 pixels by using the right click button on the box.

Hi there,

The advanced presets make use of the lua scripting feature, when applying one you can check the code on the "Scripts" tab. There you will see references to "layer0" (which it's actually the Layer 1), you can there duplicate the code and change it to be applied to other layers.

Hi there,

Have you set the attractor point with ALT + LMB?

Render FPS 20 means that it will skip 2/3 of the full animation, in order to reduce 180 frames to 15 you should set the Render FPS to 5, bear in mind that it will drastically reduce the smoothness of the animation.

Hi there,

As Kronbits said, if you are working with a looping animation and want to reduce the resulting frame number, first hit "Loop Animation" then decrease the "Render FPS" option. By default it renders the animation at 60fps, so a 200 frames animation will output the same 200 frames, if you then reduce the render fps to 20 it will record only 1/3 of those frames, giving a result of 66 fames. You can get lower render fps by right clicking the box and manually setting a lower number.

Hi there!

· Something is wrong with RNG in render mode. It looks good in preview but when it renders the animation most of the particles are going in the same few directions. 

It's a necessary evil so it can be seamlessly looped, it's more noticeable on shorter renderings. It should get improved at some point.

· it feels like the burst doesn't work correctly - it should spawn all particles in the same time. Instead it spawns them one by one. Maybe I'm missing a feature. 

There's an option in the "Basic" tab called "Particle Number", I think that's what you are looking for.

· Setting up sprites as particles breaks the animation - basic options like rotation, scale, life don't apply anymore.

Built-in particles and sprite particle don't share some configurations, this is something that is on the roadmap and one of the first things to be reworked after bugfixing.

Hi there!

I might have forgot to add those options to the default preset, you can easily make a fix until it gets fixed in the next update:

1. Open JuiceFX.

2. Without changing any value, go to "Save Preset" and save the preset as "default.jpf"

3. Move the preset to the app's root folder and overwrite the current "default.jpf"

And that's it, when creating a new project it should load the new "default.jpf" preset and it should update those values.

Good to hear that it was resolved :)

Hi there,

I can't seem to reproduce the crash, could you provide me an example of the preset you are trying to load? And also, which version of JuiceFX are you using?

Hi there,

The ping-pong function is only applied to timed functions. I could add an option to ping-pong any animation, but it'd double the animation size, and it's something that can be somewhat easily achieved in any game engine.

Are you on Windows or OSX? The included particles should be in the folder "Particles" of the app.

Does it happen to all keyframes or only to some in particular?

Hi there,

Gif feature will be reworked and expanded in the near future. The rescale happens because the gif export was only developed for preview and quick sharing purposes, not for development, but it will improve with the rework.

It seems that it's a new bug introduced with the new rounding to the nearest even number. Using even sizes until it's fixed should work. Thanks for the report!

Yes, you just need to change the origin point to the collision point.

You can achieve that effect in JuiceFX, but to get a good result like the one on that website, a collision system is needed in order to be aware of the player surroundings. 

Hi there!

Could you please give me more info or some kind of reference, I don't fully understand what you mean.

Hi there!

I can't give you the information at this moment as I don't have the source here, but a new update is planned that will support LUA + custom scripting and will allow you to write your own JSON exporter. It'll be launched on Juice FX first and then on Pixel FX Designer, you can check the documentation (of Juice FX's one) here:

I'll try to give you more info about the .JSON export as soon as possible., although I recommend you to join the app's discord as I'm more active there for this kind of questions.

Join the Discord here:

Join the Discord here: