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The all-in-one tool to create and animate effects · By CodeManu

Steam key

A topic by Makezo created Apr 17, 2023 Views: 814 Replies: 5
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Greetings CodeManu, just bought the software and I was wondering how to get the steam key that was mentioned in the purchase page?

I've also bought Spritemancer and i can't see the button to redeem the steam key


Hi there,

This post explains how to retrieve the steam key


Hi CodeManu, I tried the link and got the links again but still the download page doesn't have the steam key button in the download option. Should I send support ticket regarding this to

that would wise. try to get support.

If i remember correctly from when I activated.
Itch'll request you to give permission to access the steam account, after that it'll give you a steam key to activate the product.
Ad block or popup block can interfere with this prompt and you won't see it.