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So, when your building a ROM, it supports any GB emulator. But if you build it for web ports like in, it gives controller support on Consoles, and touch support for mobile phones. It also has keyboard support but you already knew that. All you gotta is build the web port like normal.

Did you use GB studio for this? the web version also supports mobile too by adding touchscreen controls. Just a heads up from one dev to another!

Goated Dungeon Crawler.

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Great game. Only thing that bugged me was the movement. I often got stuck or snagged on a lot of turns and somehow managed to get completely turned around a few times. But yeah a solid 4/5. I like how it actually saves the photos you take.

If I learn the SDK's I could make this a real DS game. At the moment I can only make a 2D version but still a real DS game.

That's quite alright. I already beat it so I wouldn't mind mind resetting. Hopefully this won't effect future games. Keep up the good work really love this series!

Hey Leef 6010! Love this whole series so far it's become one of my favorite JRPG style games. One little issue though, My save data from an earlier version of the game became obsolete but not corrupted. I tried to hex edit the saves and noticed the saving system was completely different. If there's anyway I could get my old saves back that would be nice but I already beat the game so I wouldn't mind resetting.

I unlocked all 4 endings. The alien ending, the child soldier ending, the delusional ending, and the Johann ending. They all appear to end the same way so there is no cannon ending as of now.

I'll look into it. Thanks.

I cant quite put my finger on which episode it was. Do you remember the name of the episode?

I think this this did actually happen canonically but I'm not sure.

Beat this game in under 30 minutes. I even found the secret free WI-FI app in the recycle bin. Not sure what it does. Also nice detail adding the mono and data folders aka: The games data folders.

ok :) I'm almost always free so I'll be ready.

It may be a little late, but can I help out? I'm pretty good at art.

that would wise. try to get support.

Glad you liked it. we probably should've made button hints for combat. The dark room was also the bugged room you couldn't progress through so sorry to say but you wouldn't have beaten it regardless but we'll fix it post jam. Stay tuned. Survive the illusions.

I see what you mean. We may be able to tweak that but we'll do some experiments with it.

Hello! This is EnderCal from C-Shrimp. Addressing some of your questions, "Pills - do they decrease which mobs spawn or how many of them around?" So the way it works is, when you take the pills, it throws more easier enemies at you like the shady blue man (Hat Man),  and when you drop sanity it throws in tougher ones like the ghost (Abysmal Grave), and the skeleton (Grey Matter). "Monsters not always attacking." So we made the enemies 2D sprites and didn't make a back side so they tend run from you. I also had this problem when I wanted to fight Grey Matter. (Still never won. 😔) The sound effects definitely need reworking as you said. And I agree when you say the bow is too fast we will fix that. And we'll fix the main issue of not progressing. Glad you enjoyed and stay tuned to finish survivng the illusions.

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We have a couple a ideas for making the combat a bit harder. we could try switching up the attacks like Grey Matter (the big tall grey dude.) we'll take some notes on this. thanks for playing and we hope to make it better. :)

I fealt the same way about the bow too. we might make it go a bit slower. Glad you enjoyed. :)

Yeah sorry about that, it kinda bugged out on us last minute. We apologize that we couldn't fix this in time but we hope to fix this post jam. I see what you mean about the combat needing balancing. We hope to fine tune things like theses as well. Glad you enjoyed.

that toilet do be boxin tho

Well, I'm glad you like it and I must say, your game about jumping time lines seems cool. Can't wait to play it. :)

Glad you liked it. I guess our tutorial level wasn't too clear on how battles work. You may have come across a bug in level 3 or so to where you cannot continue. We apologize as we couldn't fix it in time.

yes we know, there is no transition there. a bug we hope to fix post jam :( 

overall, im glad you enjoyed our game.

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I just added you. I'm also a music composer if you wanna talk about that. Looking forward to working with you :)

I can do pixel art. I'm not good at C# though sorry :/

Nice Sword Art Online refrence in the description. Good anime loved it.

I see. Many people have had problems with the code. not sure why because it just ran it through and it worked. it may be due to save data problems because it requires save data to actually activate the code. I don't know how saves data on browser but if you have a Gameboy emulator that might fix it. you can download one on any device even mobile.

now that you mention it, there was an unused sound effect for when you had low health but I never actually coded it in. I see you liked the story driven aspect which a lot of people liked as well. I can see why it didn't feel too much of a Metroidvania mainly due to other elements of the game. I appreciate the tips and want to make a sequel.

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glad you enjoyed the game. Can't wait to make a sequel. By the way, about that code, you have to beat the game once to input the code. Due to the save data problems you mentioned, it's probably better to download it with an emulator.

so after you get the athlete boots, there's a room to the right right side when you exit the upgrade area. To get to it, jump on the platform to the far left. And work your way to the right.

Fixed it. Don't wanna spoil too much of the game right? ;)

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Defeat the Mafia stop the evil plan "X" in this metroidvania Gameboy game packed with story, shooters, boss fights, upgrades and more.

Download for free and play in your browser

That would be cool to see.

staple gun

i know it's pretty late but ill do it :)

3 levels that get increasingly harder.

can someone beat my time on the final boss?