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I just thought you should know, some of the patterns are bugged.

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GLTF or FBX can be used to store texture animations in a 3d space.

One option I can think of is rendering the particle effects as billboarded textures in GLTF or FBX.
As for handling collisions with objects, Pixel part already has colliders which can handle collisions with objects.
There's already a way to edit the particles in a 3d space within Pixel part right under the "edit" section.
Edit>> 3D Effect
I don't see why not to take advantage of that by rendering the particle effects in a 3d space, exporting to a 3d file format that supports texture animations.

Can you please make a plugin to import the particle effects into RPG Maker MV or MZ?

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Can you please add an option to export to GLTF or FBX or any other 3d file format?
So particle effects can be imported into 3d engines such as blender.

If i remember correctly from when I activated.
Itch'll request you to give permission to access the steam account, after that it'll give you a steam key to activate the product.
Ad block or popup block can interfere with this prompt and you won't see it.

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Delay is broken in version
I'm trying to do what is shown in the first attached gif,
It's supposed to do this

It does this instead.

Is there an eta on how far away until Rose Engine will be available for MV?
I would like to purchase a copy for MV if possible.
Some of these features seem more advanced than MV3D.

I was hoping to calibrate convergence on a projector with something portable like a firestick which supports bluetooth and usb controllers.

HTML 5 also has support for controllers, so either would've worked.

can you please port to android? or make an online html version?

can you please add an option to import projects or objects from kenshape?

I tried out pixelbasher and there's some things i'd like to discuss.

1, When adding user brushes, there's no way to remove the brushes without restarting the application. Or maybe I missed something.

2, I don't know if you're already working on this, i can't seem to apply symmetry to just 1 layer.

3, can you add an option to set horizontal symmetry?

4, Is it possible to add SVG support for user brushes/objects?

5, Can you add an option to adjust geometry such as skew, or X / Y perspective?

or [Ctrl] and + or - key

thank you.

Can you please make an alternate tilesheet for night?

Can you make and sell a horror themed version of this tileset?
I'd be willing to buy a copy if you posted a separate horror themed version of this tileset.
dilapidated buildings, doors on the ground, broken down vehicles, streets in disrepair, etc

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To save your project, click the floppy disk icon in the corner.
To export your image click the box icon to the right of that.
To close out of the program, you can X out of it or hold Alt+F4 .

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If you're not finding the sprite effects you're looking for in PixelBasher.
There's a program called SpriteMancer that has different sprite effects.
There's even a demo to try out if you're not sure it'll work for your application.

I don't think they'll be releasing it on steam.

Yes , you can sell your games or applications.
A good example is picoCAD.

ok thanks.

Does this have pico-8 32 color support?
If no, can you add 32 color support?

ok, thanks

I also thought they were loading Lospec in the app.
It turns out they're using the snap feature in windows.
In the gif they have a web browser open on the right side.
So you have to navigate [Here] in a web browser.
Then copy the link from the palette title and click the palette icon in MiniFX.
Hope this helps.

Fluid FX community · Created a new topic 2 feature requests
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Can you please add an option to reset the cursor/crosshair for the canvas?
something simple like "right click" to reset to center of canvas?
Can you please also add a feature that says where on the canvas you're at?
Something like numbers in the corner that says X and Y position like in the attached  image.

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I have some questions.
Are there future plans to add support for 3d models with the ".vox" file extension?
Is there 3d model support for characters?
Ok, thanks.

I will says this.
the excuses these sites lay out don't usually reflect what is happening in the background. 

they mostly remove adult content because. A) The investors
are pressuring them to remove adult content or they'll back out on funding.
B) The financial institutions or digital wallet companies that deal with the payment processing
Paypal, google pay, apple pay, jpmorgan, etc are pressuring them to remove adult content or they'll shut down payment processing.