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Hi, since we're not working actively on updates this is not our main priority. We've tried to port it but we've had several problems, maybe when I'll install Linux I'll try again.

Thank you very much! We'll be working on it!

Wow, thanks a lot for the kind words! We're happy that all the hard work we've put in this game is being appreciated so much! This means a lot to us!

The glitch made everything more disturbing, very nice!

I liked the concept! Nice interpretation of the theme

What a plot twist!

It was fun! Too bad that there are few levels.

I've really enjoyed the level design!

Unfortunately this game is created by a custom engine we wrote during the jam, so it's missing many important features you've listed (including the possibility of creating a save file), in the future we're going to implement as many quality of life features we can. Hope you've still enjoyed the game though.

Loved the aesthetic!

Glad you liked it! The Designed insisted to implement a fast forward button and it was life saving also during the debug!

Can't stop playing it!

The aesthetic, the humor... Wow, the best game of the jam i've played yet!

I think that the idea behind this game is pretty fun, but the character is weird to control and the level design is quite confusing

Nice gameplay, simple but fun

Nice cel shading effect, i would have used a cursor in the canvas instead of an object in the world.

This is the best review I have ever read! Thank you so much. Everyone here laughed their heads off.

Thank you very much!
Yes, as I said there were many things to do and at the deadline the game was rough, with the new patch we hope it is somewhat stable, but I'm really happy that you've enjoyed it even at that embional stage!

Yeah, we're sorry, we had some time management problems and some parts of the story were kinda rushed, however we've just released a new build where we've fixed a lot of bugs, including this one!

Thank you very much, unfortunately we are aware there are still many bugs, we're trying to fix those as soon as possible. Thanks for the support!

Thank you very much, glad you liked it!

You are THE statue!

Thank you very much! What was your favourite if I can ask?

I've also bought Spritemancer and i can't see the button to redeem the steam key

Wow, you're too kind! But yes, there's a little critique behind the humorism layer.

Thank you very much! Glad you liked it!

Nice tool! It would be cool if pressing up/down arrows the selected notes shift by an half step and another shortcut (ctrl or Alt + up/down arrow? I don't know) to shift the selected notes by an octave, last thing, maybe the black keys should have a slightly darker row, so everything is more readble . However these are only suggestions, you already did a great job!