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Juice FX

Add animations to your images to make them juicy!. · By CodeManu

Extremely confused, wouldn't recommend

A topic by Marlowe Dobbe created Feb 27, 2024 Views: 207 Replies: 3
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As far as I can tell there is no documentation or resources on how to use this tool. It's not very user friendly in that I feel like it would take many hours of randomly changing numbers to figure out what does what in what combinations. The sample projects, when opened, cause an error that crashes the whole application, so I can't even see an example of how it's used. 

Glad I got it on sale at least cause I didn't waste more money than I did. Wish I could ask for a refund. Really bummed cause this seemed like it could have been cool or helpful. If I were you reading this I would wait to buy this until the developers provide some sort of resources for how to use it properly.


Hi there,

Sorry to hear that Juice FX didn't live up to your expectations. You can absolutely request a refund to Itchio support and they will proceed without any trouble.

As for the app, I'm not sure about what sample projects you are talking about, as Juice FX doesn't include any. It does include a handful of presets which I've just gone and tested and they all work just fine. About documentation you are right, Juice FX includes documentation for its scripting system but not for the main program, which is a miss on my end, but I don't recall having complaints about the lack of documentation or not being user friendly over this 5 years since the app was released, so I didn't look into it. This doesn't nullify your point at all.

In the future If you are interested in any of my other apps, I always include demos of them and I'd strongly suggest to check them out to see if they fit you before making the decision to purchase them. I have a "no questions asked" refund policy in any case tough.

I appreciate the response. The sample projects I'm referring to are the "example projects" included with purchase (hopefully my screenshot here works okay)

Which give me this error log and closes the app

re: documentation/tutorials, I'd really recommend it.  I see some people have inquired about here in the community topic in the past. Just reading names of the effects and not really understanding what they do/how the sliders are affecting them/how they interact with one another (I feel at least) leaves the user in the place where they just have to figure it out for themselves which I can't invest time trial and error mastering for a paid software that's supposed to help with a certain niche.

Definitely don't want to come across as cruel or anything. I think there's a cool tool in here but I can't figure out how to uncover it!

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Hello, I agree that documentation or a simple video tutorial from the dev would be helpful! :)

I only found those :