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ALEX tysm!! :'^)

yeah sorry !I think we're looking into that! Feel free and try the ,exe!

hmm! My guess of the top of my head is that if you have an antivirus or similar sort of protection running it may think the game is and "unsafe" application and refuse to open it. If there's a way to whitelist it on whatever antivirus (or windows defender) you have that may do the trick.

I *think* something similar to that has happened to me with games in the past where the games.just wouldn't open :(

oh no! Any clues to help me perhaps figure that out? Are you running it on Windows?

Thanks so much for the quick reply! I'll definitely check these options out!

Hello! I've noticed that in all the demo projects the screencapture is zoomed in a certain amount. Is there a way to disable this so what is captures is at 1:1, 100% scale?

haha no prob!

Ahh wonderful! Hahah good luck with the last few seasons lol


I agree! I hope i find more of them :^)

Ty so much for playing!

Omg i realized like half an hour after uploading i forgot to disable support convos :p

Thanks for playing!

Haha I can confirm I would have absolutely no idea how to put a virus in a .ups file. But I understand if you don't want to take my word for it

Thank you so much for playing! Loved watching your video!