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Wanted to send this through a direct message, but there wasn't any way to.

Picked up a copy and sent this to a team member working on MacOS, and of course it didn't work.

The Mac version of Pixel FX Designer doesn't work with modern MacOS, or even with a lot of older setups. I get that keeping things working on Mac requires constant work from the developer, and that probably doesn't make sense from a developer perspective to keep updating this program. You just really should delist the MacOS version, because as it stands now you are just implicitly lying to users that "oh yeah, totally runs on Mac my guy" when it just doesn't.

Also, thanks for making me realize I should put some contact details on my page.

You, my friend, have made a platformer that's secretly a strategy game, and I love it.

A Beautiful game built around a solid enough mechanical core, although it does suffer from some awkwardness in the controls. My main criticism would be that it really didn't take the theme of the Jam into it's design in any meaningful way, especially in terms of what the authors have stated is their connection to that theme.

I think this succeeds as a prototype entirely because I really want to dare the developer to try and make a whole game out of it.

This book is frankly brilliant, and I haven't seen a group jump to play something from just the pitch as quickly as they have for this. If I have one criticism, it's that the book takes a lot of time telling you what the fluff is, or what the subtext for a playbook is. RPG's are about finding what resonates with you in what's there, but I doubt Erika is going to break down my door when I use the Witch playbook for a Zen Monk or what have you.

To be specific, it's really impressive you've basically made a strategy (that strategy being "how do I figure out where I'm going with the lamp time I have") game out of this small number of parts.

You, my friend, have done well.

Really excellent game. Fun, breezy little puzzle as it's mechanical core, brilliant art, and a nice dollop of style to hold it all together.

Well done, Mr and/or Mrs. Peabnuts.