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They are super bad about updating/supporting the mac version. My entire dev environment is on mac, I hate having to switch over to my bootcamp partition just to use a single piece of software. Had I known about this in advance, I wouldn't have bought the software.

That said, I can get the software to start on Mojave (14.2) with the tips they give in this post. It immediately crashes out as I try to edit the base graphic though, so it's not super useful getting it to boot on mac.

That sucks. So I guess there's no way to get a refund. I can't figure out how to even ask for one.


First of all sorry the tool not works on your system but if you read the page:

"*Test DEMO and read the Limitations List before buying!!*"

This makes sure the game/tool works on your machine and it works perfectly with all the possible limitations or OS errors and give you an idea if worth purchase on your system. This is made to avoid scams like purchase and ask for refund due not works when they do.

Btw, about how to ask for a refund:


"This is made to avoid scams like purchase and ask for refund"

What about this scams, that sell program on Steam, and after while they don't release updates or respond to their customers? 

Huh, what about this SCAMS?