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Another useful & cool addition, Kacper. Thank You!

Hell yeah, fantastic news Wunkolo!!! Thank you!

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Hello! Are there any plans for Apple Silicon support? I can't imagine loosing PixDither from my toolbox.

Another kick ass update! Thank You :)

I see, this is a nice and fair response. I understand weight of the situation that you are in - congrats on fatherhood!

I will patiently await until you will have again time for your other amazing creation :)

Have a good day

Thanks for a responce!

Vulkan framework for OSX - fantastic, so there is hope :)

Let me know if you need someone to test stuff or help. I could install XCode and remotely give you access to my machine for couple of hours if that would be of any help.

Have a good day!

B.Carve (Beta) community · Created a new topic Yay!

Great to see You getting back to AE plugins game! :) 

PixDither is still my all time favorite plugin. I can't imagine not having it in my "toolbox".

This new crop of plug-ins looks very interesting & useful. If only Vulkan would be supported on MacOS, damn.


Are there any news in regard to development? :)

Have a good day

I'm stoked for upcoming features. Your work is exceptional, Rezoner! I bought current SpriteStack to support future development & your well being man :) Cheers

Hello! This tool is EXACTLY what I needed for a long time. I didn't had to think long about purchasing it :) I hope you can consider making a Mac port (I've heard it is possible to compile Godot project for MacOS under Linux). Cheers!

Hello! Deakor, you may want to check certain tool 'Seamless 2' on Creative Market (I'm afraid it is not allowed to post here link to other marketplaces). Various methods for automating seamless textures are covered as part of features description, please take a look for inspiration. If you would rather see detailed description done by one of (potential:)) users, let me know.

BTW, it is nice to see animation environment like PixelOver growing. I was waiting for a long time for something covering ground between After Effects & Aseprite. 

Have a good day!

Cool program!

This app produces _really_ good stuff. Even with few basic noise generators/modulators that are available at the moment, a lot can be done. My results are much, much different than i.e. things that I get out of After Effects noise generators. Inspiring stuff! :)

Thanks for sharing this gem, Soerb!

I'm looking forward for future updates.

Ok Wunkolo, thanks!

Sorry for late reply!

I have tried this new non-debug version and it works :)

I made some test comps with multiple instances of Fringe on top of each other and bunch of other effects. All works very fast (8, 16, 32 bit..all work, no issues so far). It is incredibile to see that kind of performance in AE. And on top of that quality of image produced by Fringe is superb.

If I will encounter any problems down the road, I will report.


Hi! I updated today and  Fringe doesn't start anymore. Earlier beta worked, quite stabile.

When I try to use Fringe on Comp,  Adjustment layer or anything else, window pops up with this text: "After Effects error: Invalid filter ( 25 :: 3 )".  

Nothing happens after that. No error log in folder that You described, Wunkolo.

My rig:  Win 10 64-bit 1903, AE 16.1.2, AMD Vega 56,  Radeon Drivers 19.8.1 (latest)


Thanks for considering it & looking into that!

These place might be useful for getting ASE description:  (please scroll down to see binary descriptions of format)


Great to see MacOS support! I’m now waiting for upcoming Steam release :)

Feature suggestion/request: support for .ase (adobe swatch exchange) format. In my motion design work, I depend largely on Adobe After Effects. To be able to use Palette Wizard with something more than asset creation, I would need it to work with *.ase format. I’m sure support of this format has value for other use cases and users too. Thanks in advance for considering my request.


No problem!


Please list all supported image & palette file formats for import & export. 

Thank you! 

Ok, nice!

Thanks for quick answer.


Congratulations on release!

Are You planning release on MacOS? 

As in edited message couple of posts above, issue was just resolved by developer in a very classy way.

Well, you affiliates customer support leaves much to be desired, to put it lightly. But that seems to not be your fault in any way. I already removed rating belittling Your software. All anger & frustration was caused by months of silence by CodeManu, and this was a second time he did it. No one likes to buy something that is broken & just be left with it. 

After my posts, he (CodeManu) contacted me on Steam. It is a pity, that only after such extreme measures - like my quite offensive posts - he visited Steam forum and signalled that Pixel FX Designer is not abandonware. But fortunately soon it won't be my problem anymore.

I hope my comment won't caused any damage to perception of your software, but again I had reason to be angered with way your affiliate handle his product.


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Manuel Jesús Bolaños Gómez & Davit Masiá Coscollar don't give f**k. 

Their business strategy seem to be:

1. Release unfinished & buggy program based on sh**ty Game Maker Studio (in price rivalling professional software!)

2. Promise bug & feature updates to quickly get as many sales as possible

3.  Stop supporting program, lie to users or completely ignore forums

4. Move on to next sh**ty GMS app, to quickly get even more money

So good luck getting anything out of this "developers". They already fooled me twice. First time when I bought Pixel FX Designer, second time when they convinced me on Steam forums that their intentions are good (after MONTHS of silence). I will never again buy anything from those people.   

EDIT: All issues were fortunately resolved by developer in a very classy manner. I take back my accusations of ill will & lack of professionalism and sorry for them.

Those devs are honest people.

"This is made to avoid scams like purchase and ask for refund"

What about this scams, that sell program on Steam, and after while they don't release updates or respond to their customers? 

Huh, what about this SCAMS?

I was waiting with this post for last two months, hoping that situation will change for better. But it did not, so here it goes.

I bought Pixel FX Designer few months ago on Steam. I quickly realised that one of the essential features, loading custom particles/sprites, is complitely broken on MacOS. But seeing constant flow of updates (at the time) I thought this issue will be adressed. After two months without any updates, I posted on Steam PFXD community forum post titled "MacOS bug - broken Visuals/Sprites feature".  I asked in polite and respectful manner about current status of PFXD and when can I expect fix of custom sprites feature. I was complitely ignored, just like other users asking simmilar questions about other non-working or partialy working features. Developers seem to answer only questions that they are comfortable with. I find this way of treating (paying!) customers unacceptable.

Developers are fully aware of those issues and it doesn't stop them from selling this program as fully working for MacOS users. Both Itch & Steam product page of PFXD, doesn't include ANY information for MacOS users, that some features are broken or only partialy functional. Like mentioned custom particle sprites or export to frame-by-frame (gif) animation. This is blatant false advertising. And no, writing on Itch forum that some broken features are 'wip' AFTER users report them, doesn't suffice!

I would like to get a refund on Steam, but unfortunatelly I used PFXD for longer than 5h. I feel scammed and angry.

Thank You Kacper!

I tested al tree variants on my rig. 

Win 10 x64, i7 4970, 16 Gb ram, R9 380 4gb

All variants give me various graphical glitches, from minor to really bad ones.

 Worst in this regard was Vulkan variant. It has various stutters, occasional screen tearing and strange glitches in almost every visible scene element.

Should I provide my dxdiag?


Thank You for sharing this great tool!

Currently I’m bussy with non-gamedev stuff, but if I will have a chance to use SuperT2U in the future, I will sure make a donation.

Have a good day!

How could I miss this button *facepalm* 

I will sure make a use of that, no more Colorama pain. Dithering wonders aside, I always wished there would be an option to load palettes from disk to Colorama and colorising composition without "aliasing" mid-tones between each color in palette (as Colorama does, without some crazy tricks). With PixDither loading custom palette + pattern set as 'threshold', this is exactly what I wanted for years :) I already tried it  and it works perfectly.

 Thanks for such quick reply & being so helpful, Wunkolo!


I need to say it, PixDither is just fantastic, one of favourite plug-ins in my toolbox!

My request is about features that You already mentioned, namely custom palettes & custom patterns. I'm especially interested in latter.  I hope they will come in near future.

Thank you ,


Just found this gem, looks fantastic! Thank You for sharing it with Itch comunity!

I plan on trying Pixelmash to convert my handdrawn skatches into lo-res graphics. Currently I do that manually and sometimes I wish there would be a simplified way of going from sketch to pixels. I wonder how Pixelmash would handle this kind of 'input source'. I'll post my findings, if they will be worth it :)