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Design pixelart effects and render them to .png sprite sheets or .gifs. · By CodeManu

MacOS version - false advertising?

A topic by Borion created Jan 13, 2019 Views: 184 Replies: 1
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I was waiting with this post for last two months, hoping that situation will change for better. But it did not, so here it goes.

I bought Pixel FX Designer few months ago on Steam. I quickly realised that one of the essential features, loading custom particles/sprites, is complitely broken on MacOS. But seeing constant flow of updates (at the time) I thought this issue will be adressed. After two months without any updates, I posted on Steam PFXD community forum post titled "MacOS bug - broken Visuals/Sprites feature".  I asked in polite and respectful manner about current status of PFXD and when can I expect fix of custom sprites feature. I was complitely ignored, just like other users asking simmilar questions about other non-working or partialy working features. Developers seem to answer only questions that they are comfortable with. I find this way of treating (paying!) customers unacceptable.

Developers are fully aware of those issues and it doesn't stop them from selling this program as fully working for MacOS users. Both Itch & Steam product page of PFXD, doesn't include ANY information for MacOS users, that some features are broken or only partialy functional. Like mentioned custom particle sprites or export to frame-by-frame (gif) animation. This is blatant false advertising. And no, writing on Itch forum that some broken features are 'wip' AFTER users report them, doesn't suffice!

I would like to get a refund on Steam, but unfortunatelly I used PFXD for longer than 5h. I feel scammed and angry.


Hi there and sorry for the late reply, I don't usually check forums but I'll do it more often from now on.

I've just replied to a similar post the steam forums with more information about this issue, please check it out:

As a TL;DR: I can't fix some bugs for the OSX version due to the engine where Pixel FX Designer was made having some functions that simply don't work on any other platform than Windows. I'll be contacting Steam so we can provide refunds for OSX users that went over 2 hours of use of the program.