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Pixel Fx Designer

Design pixelart effects and render them to .png sprite sheets or .gifs. · By CodeManu

How to update to version on mac

A topic by antonvdk created Apr 04, 2019 Views: 149 Replies: 4
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any ideas?

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Manuel Jesús Bolaños Gómez & Davit Masiá Coscollar don't give f**k. 

Their business strategy seem to be:

1. Release unfinished & buggy program based on sh**ty Game Maker Studio (in price rivalling professional software!)

2. Promise bug & feature updates to quickly get as many sales as possible

3.  Stop supporting program, lie to users or completely ignore forums

4. Move on to next sh**ty GMS app, to quickly get even more money

So good luck getting anything out of this "developers". They already fooled me twice. First time when I bought Pixel FX Designer, second time when they convinced me on Steam forums that their intentions are good (after MONTHS of silence). I will never again buy anything from those people.   

EDIT: All issues were fortunately resolved by developer in a very classy manner. I take back my accusations of ill will & lack of professionalism and sorry for them.

Those devs are honest people.

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To be clear:

PixelFX Designer and JuiceFX are by "CodeManu" (Manuel Jesús Bolaños Gómez) using GameMaker, which are the programs you said you have problems, telling this due the other post you send on my other apps. And i apologize if you or other people not get replied fast enough.

My apps are PixaTool and VecMaker that are made as solo dev. If you buy any of my apps and you have any problem i will be happy to reply you and in case the problems can't be solved you can always request a refund, in the same way on PixelFX and JuiceFX.

Edit: Realized you rated with 1 star VecMaker. You bought the tool? Any problem/feeddback you can give to understand please?.

The main problem on GameMaker apps are the Mac Version, so people with PixelFX designer who bought a Mac that requested a refund got it. If something not worked as expected, they get the refund. simple as that.

Thats why there is no JuiceFX version on Mac, to avoid all the GameMaker bugs on this OS.

Again, Borion, if the tool not works as expected, you can always request a Refund, all people with a Mac (The problematic version) who requested a Refund got it. 

Well, you affiliates customer support leaves much to be desired, to put it lightly. But that seems to not be your fault in any way. I already removed rating belittling Your software. All anger & frustration was caused by months of silence by CodeManu, and this was a second time he did it. No one likes to buy something that is broken & just be left with it. 

After my posts, he (CodeManu) contacted me on Steam. It is a pity, that only after such extreme measures - like my quite offensive posts - he visited Steam forum and signalled that Pixel FX Designer is not abandonware. But fortunately soon it won't be my problem anymore.

I hope my comment won't caused any damage to perception of your software, but again I had reason to be angered with way your affiliate handle his product.


As in edited message couple of posts above, issue was just resolved by developer in a very classy way.