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After Effects Color Quantization Plugin · By Wunkolo

Suggestions and Requests Sticky

A topic by Wunkolo created Dec 26, 2016 Views: 580 Replies: 7
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Use this thread to make feature suggestions or requests for the PixFlipBook plugin!

Yo! Really love this plugin, I'm already using it every chance I get

One thing that'd be nice is if there were cluster dot options above 8x8; it works really well for halftone looks!

Developer (2 edits)

Noted! I'll look into adding more patterns into the coming releases! I'm currently working on allowing for custom palettes and then I will look into adding more patterns(or just allowing custom pattern images alltogether)

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Really like your plugin been using it for a month now but if you could add scaling for Atkinson dithering that would be nice to have. :)


I need to say it, PixDither is just fantastic, one of favourite plug-ins in my toolbox!

My request is about features that You already mentioned, namely custom palettes & custom patterns. I'm especially interested in latter.  I hope they will come in near future.

Thank you ,



Custom palettes and colors are already implemented!

I'll look into custom patterns for the ordered dithering at some point for sure as well as it seems like it could just take an input layer selection and use something like Red/Blue/Green/Alpha/Brightness/etc and use the already implemented pattern offset options.

Thank you for your input and I'm glad you're having a good time with PixDither!

How could I miss this button *facepalm* 

I will sure make a use of that, no more Colorama pain. Dithering wonders aside, I always wished there would be an option to load palettes from disk to Colorama and colorising composition without "aliasing" mid-tones between each color in palette (as Colorama does, without some crazy tricks). With PixDither loading custom palette + pattern set as 'threshold', this is exactly what I wanted for years :) I already tried it  and it works perfectly.

 Thanks for such quick reply & being so helpful, Wunkolo!

Hi, I wonder if it's possible to enable the Scale-Feature for the Steinberg, Sierra, etc. modes? Would love to get it nicely pixely at the flick of a dial. Thanks!