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Looks like you're right! It seems I only uploaded the MFR-enabled OSX build onto the site and not the Windows build. It should be updated now with MFR enabled!

PixSort does support multi-frame rendering!

Hey! Thanks for bringing this up. After Effects definitely has a level of abstraction involving color-spaces before those color values get fed to a plugin. It looks like the original issue you described is from it feeding sRGB-colorspace pixels to the plugin based on how all the darker color values clamp over to black super easily. Linear space colors is definitely the solution in this case!

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At the moment no! This plugin does not work with Apple-M1s.

The disclaimer is on the page as well:

Thank you! We can debug this further over email. 👌

I'm having some trouble on my end trying to re-create the situation at the moment. Creating a composition in adobe after effects and rendering+encoding it out from adobe media encoder.

Would you be able to provide more context or a minimal setup that you can send(wunkolo at gmail dot com) that recreates the situation?

The only thing I can imagine is that it may possibly be a caching issue of some kind. Where it is picking up old cached frames rather than actually rendering the Pixel-Sorted-ed frames somehow.

Could you try clearing your cache and seeing if that helps somewhat?

Currently in the works of securing a pipeline to create Apple-Silicon builds! It may take some time but it's certainly a priority of mines to get it to work properly on Apple-ARM.

The full log would help yes! Even if it is super long. If it is too large to attach here then feel free to email me at wunkolo at gmail dot com

Any information about the context of the crash? what are you doing in particular leading up to it crashing?

You may begin by sharing the crash log and information about your system and the context of the crash like the original post states! As things are now, I have nothing to work with to begin helping you.

Hey! Sorry about that. You certainly should have support Vulkan with your configuration but I think the issue might just be similar to another one happening with my other plugin where some of the code I had in it was still looking for VulkanSDK-stuff even when in release mode.

I just re-uploaded the plugin that you may re-download and it should work now. Lemme know how it goes!

You're absolutely right! This seems very trivial to add. I just did a quick test and added a "PicoCAD" option to the dither patterns that goes perfectly with the PICO-8 palette that PixDither already has! To keep this plugin backwards-compatible, I had to add it wayyy at the end of the list though:

I went ahead and uploaded a new Windows build with this one added! Lemme know how it goes!

There will be some delay getting an updated OSX build uploaded due to my current build pipeline being kind of cheesy.

I believe that is the Bayer 2x2 pattern if I am understanding what you are saying correctly!

I currently don't have the pipeline or hardware necessary to get native OSX-ARM compilations at the moment unfortunately, at least until I manage a way to cross-compile ARM builds from my current OSX-x86 Virtual-Machine pipeline.

Currently my plugins do not natively support apple silicon but I will certainly make it known once they do.

This plugin does not work on the new ARM-based Macs unfortunately since I do not have the pipeline to build and test on the new M1 Macs... I can offer a refund if that was your intended platform at the time of purchase as at the moment there are no ARM builds of this plugin, only x86.

I've found and fixed the issue I believe! I've uploaded a new windows build and will update the OSX build in a moment as well. Feel free to redownload the latest upload and let me know how it goes!

I'm able to recreate the issue. Looking into it now!

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Hey! Can you provide a bit more info? Particularly with the version of After Effects and what OS you are running on just to have a stronger data-point of the issue. Thank you very much for providing the .ase file for me to test against as well!

To install native plugins like PixDither, you have to put the .aex file into the correct directory:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects (version)\Support Files\Plug-ins

In my case, this is: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects 2022\Support Files\Plug-ins

and then it will show up under the "Wunk Effects" category in the effects panel. Simply clicking on the .aex file will fail as it is not a file that can be trivially opened or installed as a script.

You do not need to be on the latest AFX no! I've tested this on as far back as CS6.

Are you installing it on PC or OSX? How are you installing it up to the point that you see the "unsupported filetype" error?

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I'm working on this right now actually! I finally got my OSX Virtual Machine setup to get some fresh mac builds out.

I'll get an updated OSX build uploaded before the day is over.

As for the "developer is unknown", issue this is due to OSX's protection system to try and stop unauthorized software from running.

This might address it!

Edit(7:57 PM PST):  New OSX build is up now!

The plugin is using the latest Adobe After Effects SDK(22.0.0) to allow for multi-frame rendering which seems to sometimes break the much older versions of After Effects (CS6 11.0.2) in some ways.

I've found some opportunities to handle suite acquisition a little better so it is resilient to handling missing suites. Try the latest upload and let me know how it goes! I'd much rather maintain a singular executable that works on each version than maintain multiple different uploaded versions.

The TilingX/TilingY option might be able to fix this!

You should be able to put 0.99... into the Tile X and Tile Y options to get the remapping that you're describing. That way it will remap the [0.0,1.0] domain to [0.0,0.999...] since it multiplies the incoming X and Y component directly.

Does that provide the adjustment you're looking for?

I believe that is precisely what they are referring to! Though I can only imagine implementing it as an overall palette-offset since otherwise I would have to have a way to allow for per-color granularity control over specific colors so that they can be animated🤔.

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Been trying to find out any sort of consistency between the systems where it does/doesn't initialize correctly it has me quite stumped 🙁. Others seem to be getting it too.

I can't seem to pick out any particular thing causing it, even switching between the Studio/Game-Ready Nvidia drivers. Opening the dump files sent over in WinDbg was giving me "bad_dump" issues and was not providing any more details. I was iterating with someone else that was having the issue to no avail either and their installation was a more bare-bone workstation installation too.

If you could, do you perhaps have any crash-log(not crash-dump) files in your Adobe AppData directory?

You should be able to put "%APPDATA%\Adobe\After Effects" in your explorer path and it will take you there, and within there you should see a folder like 22.1 there and a logs folder within that where you may find .crash files.

For example, my After Effects 2022 crash-log folder is: "%APPDATA%\Adobe\After Effects\22.1\logs". And in there should be timestamped files that identify the particular crashes if it correlates with any recent crashes you got with the plugins in particular.

Feel free to email it to me rather than post it here.

That's... A really good idea actually! And seems pretty trivial to implement too if I add an integer option to have a sort of "offset" when reading into the palette.

Thank you for this suggestion!

Got it thanks! Gonna try and dissect what's going on here..

I've re-uploaded an alternative version of the plugin that you can re-download and try that adjusts the initialization a bit. Lemme know how it goes! If it has initialization issues again though, is it possible that you can provide more information from your crash report? It seems to be having an issue with initializing Vulkan, despite your system clearly being capable of supporting it. If you'd like you can send it to me at wunkolo(at) for privacy.

Note for myself: (Build date: Sat Jan  8 16:38:42 2022)

This usually indicates a permission issues of some kind blocking the entire plugin from loading, since After Effects plugins are actually just DLLs in the end. Like Window's UAC blocking it. Did you see a dialog to allow or deny permissions for it?

Thank you for providing details. Investigating this now, as some others are getting it too. I personally test this on my dev machine with a GTX 1660 Ti and an RX560, as well as my other dev machine with an RTX 3090. So it should certainly work on your configuration. One more thing to be sure, can you tell me what version your Nvidia driver is?

Please say what version of After effects and what operating system and such. And what precisely happens. Please be more specific.

Can you please provide more details of your issue so I can address what might be going wrong. I have yet to get much information other than "it doesn't work on all AE". Not sure what you mean by "Even on Vulkan". This is a Vulkan plugin, so Vulkan is always used. There is not a moment where Vulkan is not used.

This likely could be done as a Photoshop plugin if I was to adjust to the Photoshop SDK for making effects for it and such, though this is the first time I'm seeing an interest for it! I originally made this plugin to speed up my pixel-animation workflow, so it found its home within After Effects. For still images though, might I suggest aseprite? It seems to have an almost exact analog of what PixContour does too!

This cannot be used in Photoshop as this is an Adobe After Effects plugin, sorry!

For sure, let's continue this to emails for your privacy!

I will be emailing you from "wunkolo (at) gmail (dot) com"

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Do you recall what email you used for your purchase, or the date that you purchased it? I can see if I can bring up the purchase on my end. Did you use PayPal to buy it? It might use the same email as your PayPal.

You can email me at to handle this conversation further if you want privacy.

If you have lost the link to your download. Then use this page with your email that you purchased with and it will send you the link once more!


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Oh, sure you may start the refund process here

What GPU do you have? And do you have the latest drivers?

This is a GPU-accelerated plugin utilizing Vulkan. So it will be dependent on your system supporting Vulkan!