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This usually indicates a permission issues of some kind blocking the entire plugin from loading, since After Effects plugins are actually just DLLs in the end. Like Window's UAC blocking it. Did you see a dialog to allow or deny permissions for it?

Thank you for providing details. Investigating this now, as some others are getting it too. I personally test this on my dev machine with a GTX 1660 Ti and an RX560, as well as my other dev machine with an RTX 3090. So it should certainly work on your configuration. One more thing to be sure, can you tell me what version your Nvidia driver is?

Please say what version of After effects and what operating system and such. And what precisely happens. Please be more specific.

Can you please provide more details of your issue so I can address what might be going wrong. I have yet to get much information other than "it doesn't work on all AE". Not sure what you mean by "Even on Vulkan". This is a Vulkan plugin, so Vulkan is always used. There is not a moment where Vulkan is not used.

This likely could be done as a Photoshop plugin if I was to adjust to the Photoshop SDK for making effects for it and such, though this is the first time I'm seeing an interest for it! I originally made this plugin to speed up my pixel-animation workflow, so it found its home within After Effects. For still images though, might I suggest aseprite? It seems to have an almost exact analog of what PixContour does too!

This cannot be used in Photoshop as this is an Adobe After Effects plugin, sorry!

For sure, let's continue this to emails for your privacy!

I will be emailing you from "wunkolo (at) gmail (dot) com"

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Do you recall what email you used for your purchase, or the date that you purchased it? I can see if I can bring up the purchase on my end. Did you use PayPal to buy it? It might use the same email as your PayPal.

You can email me at to handle this conversation further if you want privacy.

If you have lost the link to your download. Then use this page with your email that you purchased with and it will send you the link once more!


(google translate)


Oh, sure you may start the refund process here

What GPU do you have? And do you have the latest drivers?

This is a GPU-accelerated plugin utilizing Vulkan. So it will be dependent on your system supporting Vulkan!

I don't have access to an OSX machine anymore(and virtual machines don't properly virtualize Metal 🥺, but I do have a framework in the works that makes my Vulkan plugins work just fine on OSX via Metal!

Use this thread to make feature suggestions or requests for the B.Carve plugin!

B.Carve (Beta) community · Created a new topic Bugs

Use this thread to report on any bugs that you've come across. Please include the version of After Effects you're using and any associated crash dumps that you can provide!

You're very welcome! So glad everything to fixed for you! Lemme know how it goes!

Thank you for the bug report again! It gave me some better insight as to what is going on. Sorry for this little back-and-forth! 🙏

Try downloading the plugin just once more and let me know how it goes this time!

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Oh shoot! This was an OSX pipeline issue on my part, the same file with the bugged code was reuploaded again rather than the fixed one. Your crash log shows it crashing in the exact same spot!

Try re-downloading once more! I've verified that the uploaded file has the latest iteration of fixes.

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The crash log in your edit is precisely what I needed! I can see exactly what's going wrong now and can get a fix going!

I updated the Windows build with the fixes that I've identified. If it is possible that you are able to test it, let me know how it goes!

It might take me some time to update the OSX build as I don't have access to an OSX machine anymore and will have to spin up a Virtual Machine or build server to get that going. I'll reply once I have an updated OSX build uploaded as soon as I have that pipeline setup again!

Edit: I've updated both the Windows and OSX build! Let me know how it goes!

The blue "View Report" button there might provide me with more insight on the context of the crash!

Can you possibly see what's in there? It should be a text document with a list of where all the threads are at the moment of the crashing

Hey! Thanks for using my plugin!

Do you have any more details about these crashes or the circumstances that lead to it crashing?  Maybe then I can find a way to proceed further and get this more stable! What would really help is if you had a reproducible circumstance so I can recreate the issue on my end and pick through what the cause might be.

For Windows though, I also have developed a newer GPU accelerated version of this plugin that you may try out as well!

Hey! Wow a lots happened in the past year.. I haven't taken the time to implement a plugin that does this since most of my needs for smooth path-controlled pixel-lines has been satisfied by using PixContours upon a edge of a rasterized shape-layer. This gif I made describes it:

This has satisfied my needs enough to where I haven't implemented a plugin that traces paths masks on its own! Otherwise I've just used a posturized "stroke" effect when making this effect:

I know these are just mitigations that have held me out this past year, but yea maybe it's about time I implement a plugin that does this proper...

Thank you for re-iterating your interest in such a plugin! I think I'll get to it this year so I can finally solve this problem and not rely on all these little mitigations.. I'll keep you updated on this thread to let you know!

Hey! Have you tried the "RightClick>Open" option before doing the System Preferences stuff?

I'm seeing better luck with the RightClick>Open one and it appears to work immediately after doing this at least once.


For sure! Glad it worked itself out! Thank you for your support 👌👌

Hey! Not sure what you mean precisely by this.. If I understand you correctly, at half/quarter resolution it is not possible to emit or address pixels of a smaller scale in the output framebuffer to be able to visualize the full-scale dither patterns at sparser resolutions...

Ah you're right! There isn't a reason for this strange limitation.

Doesn't make sense to allow 256 columns and 256 rows but to be only able to address 256 frames.

I've updated the Windows build with an increased limit of 65536! I currently do not have access to an OSX machine and am unable to make an updated OSX build at the moment though unfortunately...

You're so very welcome!

Hey! This seems to be a security feature that OSX has that some people here have been facing and that others have been dealing with as well in some other software.

Other people that have had this issue with my plugins have found that the solution is to just right-click the plugin file and click "Open" at least once and then the plugin will start working! Lemme know how it goes!

You're very welcome!

What is the symptom of the crash like? Do you see an error message or does it just close entirely?

Please provide more details!

This is a very experimental plugin that uses the Vulkan graphics API so it will matter what GPU, OS version, and driver that you have.

Ah yes this is the next step in the pipeline!

I am implementing a way to do mip-mapping and Anisotropic Filtering and it will be in the next update!

God that was so cool

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Hey! Sorry about that...

Do you get the error upon boot-up of after effects after putting the plugin into the folder? After getting past the error message, do you still see it in the effect panel at all?

There is a possibility it is OSX blocking "unrecognized" software too. See if anything in the Bugs thread works like in this thread!

Sorry about the issue... What version of After Effects and what Operating system are you running on for reference? I can look into recreating the issue myself and solving it!

Also! If you are on Windows, you're in luck!

I've done brand new total recreation of the PixMap plugin called B.Map that is GPU-Accelerated and is available for free now that you can try as well!


Do you mean something like, having a crisp 1px tracing of a layer's masks similar to the "stroke" effect(from the effects panel: "Generate>Stroke")?

If so, this is precisely something I have on my backlog as well as I too want to have crisp vector-animated paths in After Effects too!

Good to see that others desire this too so I'll be lining this up sooner. Keep a look out!

Also, thank you for using PixMap! I'll be releasing a new total-refresh of PixMap very soon that is GPU Accelerated called B.Map!

Look out for that too!

Use this thread to make feature suggestions or requests for the B.Map plugin!

B.Map (Beta) community · Created a new topic Bugs

Use this thread to report on any bugs that you've come across. Please include the version of After Effects you're using and any associated crash dumps that you can provide!

Maybe I can release a standalone thumbnail extraction tool or general purpose dumping tool just for people trying to somewhat recover corrupt sai files.

Email me the .sai file and I can see what I can do!

(wunkolo at gmail)