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OH MAn Wow this is so sweet of you. I'm so glad you've found so much success with PixSort! I'm glad it runs so great on your surface too I spend quite some time optimizing my plugins with stuff like SIMD and multi-threading and with my latest venture being GPU accelerated plugins it's gonna be a HUUUGE performance step for everyone to enjoy!

Thank you so much for your support!

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I'm booting up my OSX installs and I can't seem to be able to recreate this issue at all to find out what is going on here exactly unfortunately... Nothing seems to stand out to make it seem to be a locale or filesystem issue either from some of the other tests that I've done and the current upload at the moment is using the latest SDK from Adobe(Oct 2018) and it is using a statically linked OSX that supports version 10.11 or above so it should show up just fine... I can offer a full refund to your stripe purchase(ending in "xqJrF6") if it is not suiting your needs at the moment as I can't think of any other reason for it to not show up... Really sorry about all this

That's very strange that it doesn't show up there. Even OSX is regarding it as a valid plugin but After Effects refuses to recognize it and you mentioned it happening to a previous version of After Effects as well...

Just one more thing to make sure:

on that .plugin file you should be able to right-click>Show package contents to browse the contents of the plugin archive. Within it, verify that the contents look like this:

Particularly that the "PixSort" file is within the MacOS folder as it might imply that you have an older download of the plugin or the initial extraction did not work correctly.

Very strange that this is happening...

Do you have multiple versions of After Effects installed and might possibly be running a version different to the folder that you are installing it in?(this is something that has happened a couple times to people with install-issues)

When the file has been fully unzipped, PixSort.plugin should have a different icon that will imply that you've got the right file to put into "Applications/Adobe After Effects (version)/Plug-ins"(PixSort.plugin within the should go in here).  And then it should show under "Wunk Effects" just like in the PC version.

Hey! Did you make sure to unzip the archive before putting the file into the plugins folder? It should have an icon similar to some of the other files you may find in there from within finder.

What are the exact steps that you did to install it?

PixSort community · Replied to Truancy in Bugs

Should be fixed now! Sorry about that. Some build pipeline issues

PixSort community · Replied to Tchidu in Bugs

Sorry! I had to dust off some old build chain stuff when updating to the latest AdobeSDK. Should be fixed now!

I've never heard of FFGL! Looking it up now though, this looking  like a very pretty interesting demographic for me to explore.

Do tell me more as this might be something I'm very willing to explore as lately I have been exploring GPU acceleration via Vulkan and this seems like a perfect medium for that.

Do you have any more information about this? There is a Bugs thread just for issues like this also!

Are you on Mac or PC? If on Mac, did you make sure to extract the .zip file first? The effect should be under the "Wunk Effects" category.

Can you tell me some more context of what version and OS you are using? I am unable to replicate this using  Windows 10, After Effects CC 2018 (15.0.0), Media Encoder CC (12.0).

Are you able to create any other compositions that do the same thing? Such as a very minimal composition where this seems to happen. Also have you tried clearing your media disc cache in After Effects? It is possible that the cache coherency between After Effects and Media Encoder has gotten compromised.

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Hey Christmasham,

That's a very strange bug... Is this the first time this has happened? Is it only with this one composition in particular? Are you sure you don't have the layer that PixSort is applied to set as a guide layer?

Glad you got it working!

Hello! Sorry you're encountering this problem. It looks like you downloaded the PC version(The ".aex" is for the PC version while the ".plugin" is what Mac OSX uses). Be sure to download and extract and drag the extracted PixSort.plugin into the plugin folder. When extracted right the icon in your file browser for PixSort.plugin should change as well.


Use this thread to make feature suggestions or requests for the PixContour plugin!

PixContour community · Created a new topic Bugs

Use this thread to report on any bugs that you've come across. Please include the version of After Effects you're using and any associated crash dumps that you can provide!

PixSort community · Replied to heymes in Bugs

Hey! Sorry about the error you are getting. Did you properly extract the downloaded .zip file into the plugin directory? Something that might cause this are file permission errors during extraction of the zip file. Also what is the exact MacOS version that you are using? (10.12.1, 10.12.3, 10.12.6, etc)

Oh man this is absolutely great! That would be a great promotion of the plugin! I've been working on a little video to demonstrate and promote PixSort and PixDither and such and trying to come up with a good format and this is a great example of what it can produce!

About AE Scripts: I could use AE Scripts but from what I've heard and seen they tend to take a huge chunk of profit from the people selling plugins there and require an EULA for the user to agree with and a lot of other little dings and attachments that had originally made it unappetizing to me.  Hosting it on allows me to charge much cheaper for it while also guaranteeing a 'you buy it, it's yours' format of purchase(when you buy it, it's yours, you aren't just buying a license for the software,). I like keeping it simple for me and the end-user! Maybe someday I'll reconsider once I get a better insight on how hosting on AE Scripts is like since it does seem like a very popular platform to allocate traffic for the plugin but for now I'll stick to for its great simplicity and service!

Looking forward to seeing your completed work!

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No problem! You are absolutely right that I haven't put much effort in promoting my plugin outside of offhand links on the After Effects reddit and such. Now that I have a stable build if PixSort with its feature set being asymptotically complete I can for sure start production of a video demonstrating what PixSort is and how to interface with its features. Thank you so much for the feedback!

Oh man to be honest even just learning to make them myself is quite the journey. There is very very very little documentation out there besides what adobe provides and maybe some stray open source plugins on github so it's quite the task to learn and get up to speed considering pretty much every plugin programmer out there keeps their trade secrets to themselves. It's a pretty weird atmosphere to be in. 

You can get the SDKs here! There is a PDF there that describes the overall API and includes some samples for the many different plugin types.

There is this course, which I haven't tried myself but it seems like a very good introduction from the preview video that I saw.

I think for that video they used photoscan which creates a 3d point-cloud from an array of photos and estimates the depth of each of them, and then on top of that they use directional pixel sorting.

A similar effect can be done with the card dance effect in after effects too!

Pixsort also has a "Radial Zoom" option for its flow-shape that you may use to exaggerate the depth a bit.

I am based in Southern California!

Currently across all my plugins(and some unreleased ones) I am doing a pass of my codebase to allow for some gpu acceleration using openGL and/or vulkan but at the moment a new Adobe SDK is in the works of being released with a new update that I am waiting for that seems to natively support this. Once the new Adobe SDK comes out I'll be updating my plugins to allow for much of these new speedups.

Do you have a feature request?

The latest download is the v1.2 update yes!

Do you not see the new features with the latest download?

(Metaphase,Dipole, constraints, etc)

Currently tracking this error over here:

Trying to figure out what's causing it but there's some input there that you may tryyy

I haven't had much motive to reverse engineer Sai2 that much since Sai1 is still very much more popular but it possibly uses some improvements on the Sai1 format.

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Oh man I have no idea why...

This seems to be an issue that some other users ran into when trying to send me money through PayPal and I haven't noticed any consistency between them all to identify why this might be happening..

Maybe this page can work?

I've reverse engineered Sai 2 a bit but not enough to map out the newer sai2 file format yet.. Since sai2 is actively being developed too I'll very likely have to "wait" for Sai 2 development to "settle down" for a little while before I go diving into the file format since one update SYSTEMAX makes can potentially break any confident research and tools I made at a specific version...

I'll look into it more in the future since the file format is probably not going to be changing drastically any time soon but we'll see!

So glad you like it! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

For sure! Windows has something similar in which it would hide the extension of a file and would cause all sorts of problems and confusions at times. Adding to the download page!

It doesn't seem to detect that the .plugin file is an after effects plugin either.. Are you certain that it is properly extracted from the .zip archive? Also are you certain that your version is not actually "10.12.15"?

I will have to set up my virtual OSX on my new system so it might take some time to recreate this issue on my end unfortunately;;;

That seems to be the correct folder...

What version of OSX might you have?  Do you have the specific version of your After Effects? (ex: 14.0, 14.1, 14.2)

Thank you! Very glad to see someone very satisfied with PixSort. Thank you so much for your support!

Custom palettes and colors are already implemented!

I'll look into custom patterns for the ordered dithering at some point for sure as well as it seems like it could just take an input layer selection and use something like Red/Blue/Green/Alpha/Brightness/etc and use the already implemented pattern offset options.

Thank you for your input and I'm glad you're having a good time with PixDither!

It seems to be from my Smoothening option under the Interval section. It blurs the Interval Mask and when trying to blur the border-most pixels it pulls in a black pixel from the edge:

In your case a solution would be to set the Interval-Smoothen option to 0 for now if it isn't too drastically affecting your results while I work on implementing a better interval-smoothing.

Added some patches! Redownload for the new build. Should be fixed now!

Oh man I seem to be able to recreate this on my end too. Looking into it now!

Glad it got resolved!

Are the two of you using the exact same version of PixSort? Be sure to check the "Build Date" value when clicking "About". Also are the two of you using Macs or is it a mix between Mac and PC?

Thank you for the crash log! Just applied a patch to the Windows and Mac build that should fix your issue among some others