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After Effects Pixel Sorting Plugin · By Wunkolo

Bugs Sticky

A topic by Wunkolo created Jul 17, 2016 Views: 4,843 Replies: 81
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Developer (2 edits)

Use this thread to report on any bugs that you've come across. Please include the version of After Effects you're using as well as the operating system you are on and any supplementary crash logs you are able to provide.

If you wish to resolve yor issue in private then be sure to email me at with any issues you might be encountering!

Got another error after restarting AE.

uh oh.

AE CC 2015.2


Working on fixing this now!


So it seems to be related to having the visual studio 2015 C++ redistributable.

Try installing this and seeing if it runs.

I've updated the download on the main page with the redistributable statically compiled within the plugin so users should no longer need the redistributable.

AWESOME, redownloaded it and it works now. Plugin seems to be pretty good too, good work man.


No problem! Thank you for your support as well!

I purchased the Mac version - I'm running a Mac Pro with El Capitan 10.11.4 (15E65) and Adobe After Effects CC 2015.2 (13.7.2).

I installed it by putting the extension to /Applications/Adobe After Effects CC 2015/Plug-ins/Effects

Every time I make a comp and select PixSort as its effect, the program immediately crashes.

/Library/Logs/CrashReporter doesn't have anything inside, so I can't give you any diagnostics.

So I updated my Adobe After Effects* to version 2015.3 ( Tried again, crash happens, Logs absent.

So, I googled around and I realised that I have to manually enable the logging feature. It's here:

*) I realise updating isn't necessarily the wisest thing to do because now I can no longer test the previous version, but oh well. At least I can confirm that the crash happens with both versions.


Thank you for the log. Looking into it!

Developer (1 edit)

Problem has been fixed and updated build has been uploaded onto the page!

I have now tried the updated plug-in with the aforementioned Mac Pro setup and can confirm it works.

Thanks again!


No problem! Thank you for your support!

I just updated the plugin, and now After Effects quits unexpectedly when using pixort.

y ised AE CC 2015 on

OSX yosemite - MacBook Pro. Intel Core i7. 2 GHz- AMD Radeon HD 6490M 256 MB

crash report here:


Looks like it crashed into a "vfmadd213sd" instruction which your CPU does not support(FMA3 cpu feature)! Somehow I had it compiling for the CPU that it was compiling on and not compiling generic code.

Latest download should be all fixed now!

I just bought the plugin and it doesn't work.

(1 edit)

Just purchased PixSort. Looks awesome so far but every time I open it immediately crashes. Im using a Mac2015 10.11.6 El Capitan and AE CC 2017.2

I installed it by putting the extension to /Applications/Adobe After Effects CC 2015/Plug-ins/Effects

Here is the latest crash report:

Thanks so much in advance. I'm so excited to use this effect.



Just updated the Mac build with some fixes that should help with your problem! Try re-downloading the Mac build and see if it helps in any way. If it doesn't though feel free to update with any future crash logs so I can investigate further.

Downloaded the new Mac build and still had AE crash. Took a little while longer this time but heres an updated crash report! Thanks for all the help youre the man!


Getting close! Just updated the upload with some more fixes. Seems adding parallelism in some places caused more problems than benefits(and cache-abuse for that matter). I also added some progress-bar feedback that should show on the bottom right of the composition window. Lemme know how it goes and I'm so sorry for the problems you've had to face.. If it still refuses to be stable I'm also totally open to refunding you.

Dude! Bought the plugin. Works great for a while, then crashes after effects heavily. I'm running on a Macbook Pro Retina, 10.10.5 (yosemite). After Effects CC2015.0. I don't have a crash report.

It specifically says the plugin crashed.

Developer (2 edits)

Oh man approximately when does it tend to crash by the way? Any specific actions that seem to cause it before it grows more unstable? Hard to isolate the issue without a crash log but I'll investigate what I can from the symptoms so I can possibly reproduce it on my end. Sorry you're having this issue...

I'm surprised it's able to run at all on 10.10.5 considering I used the OSX 10.11 SDK but I suppose it didn't use any huge and exclusive OSX features.

I'll keep watching for that crash report at home. Hope I get one soon. I'm at work now so I'll download it here, to a hackintosh 10.12 (Sierra) and see how it goes. When it didn't crash, the plugin was amazing. So many options to play with! I'm glad I bought yours and not ae pixel sorter.

I just got Pixsort and it crashes AE anytime i mess with the threshhold values. it gives me a buffer error or just crashes with no particular error. 

I use windows 10 Intel i4790k 16gb ram and nvidia 960. 

sometimes it even crashes my premiere file that i linked to AE.

ERROR message


Hey. Sorry bout the bug, other than the threshold value causing the crash does all else seem alright? Any info about your comp that you might be able to share such as your pixel aspect ratio or resolution? Not sure what would get it to allocate a 15x0 frame though it may have to do with having "adaptive subdivision" on in which it tries to progressively generate the high resolution image from much much lower resolution ones in favor of real-time interaction

If you're able to the Windows Event Viewer might be able to give me much more precise insight on where the crash occurs if you are able to provide it.

Hey, so i am editing in 1920x1080, and i tried 4k stuff and same thing happens. Im not sure exactly how to use the windows event viewer.  And it crashes anytime i try using the plug in. same error message too.


The link provided( has a tutorial on how to use the event viewer. I'll investigate the issue on my end some more as this is the first this specific error is happening. Until then though try disabling "Adaptive Subdivision" and see if that helps at all

Hi. I just buy your plugins. I'm running on macOs Sierra 10.12.3, Retina 15, 2,8GHz I7, Nvidia GeForce GT750M / AE CC 2014

I Have two issues:

_When i click on PixSort/Sort/Reverse

_When i move the timeline video

After Effect say (translate from french) : "After Effects (issue): A failure occurred during the call of the external Pixsort effect module"

Where could i get the crash report ?


Hey! Sorry about the bug.. This seems to be something happening to a lot of OSX users:

In your "/Library/Logs/CrashReporter" directory there should be a crash log for After Effects that could fill me in on specifically what is going wrong.


This crash log does not appear to make any mention of PixSort though this cautionary event log does mention the that your system is experiencing an excessive 45199 "wakeups" per minute which appears to be mostly safe. Do you have another crash log that you are able to send? Possibly the one immediately before this one is the actual crash-event log.


Thank you for the crash log! Just applied a patch to the Windows and Mac build that should fix your issue among some others

Perfect ! It's WOrking

Hi, having significant issues re-opening a comp made by someone else that uses PixSort  - get all the attached issues - AE in an attempt to self regulate seems to delete all the layers with pixsort on it so the file is unusable. When I delete PixSort from my plugins the AEP opens absolutely fine (and alerts me that the plugin is missing).  I've done as AE says which is save with a new name.  This strips all the PixSort stuff out of the comps making it unusable.


Are the two of you using the exact same version of PixSort? Be sure to check the "Build Date" value when clicking "About". Also are the two of you using Macs or is it a mix between Mac and PC?

So, as soon as I posted this I installed a 1.1 which brought everything back.  The animator was using Windows but we're on Mac.  All good now, thanks.


Glad it got resolved!

Hi, I'm experiencing crashes when I click on the Reverse checkbox under Sort. This happens when I set the Threshold to 1.0. Running After Effects CC 2017.2 (14.2).


Oh man I seem to be able to recreate this on my end too. Looking into it now!


Added some patches! Redownload for the new build. Should be fixed now!

Great, thank you for the quick fix! It's working again. Fantastic plugin, really happy with it so far.

(1 edit)

So I noticed one more thing, when I apply the PixSort plugin, I'm getting a single pixel border all the way around my composition. is there a way around this? I believe it's related to the Reverse checkbox, because when I unclick it, the borders are filled out properly.


It seems to be from my Smoothening option under the Interval section. It blurs the Interval Mask and when trying to blur the border-most pixels it pulls in a black pixel from the edge:

In your case a solution would be to set the Interval-Smoothen option to 0 for now if it isn't too drastically affecting your results while I work on implementing a better interval-smoothing.

Thanks for the clarification, I'll just have to change that setting for now.

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Hi, I jusy pay for the Pixel sort plugin but I can't use it because it's not match :/ 

I'm on macOS Sierra and AE CC 2018


Hey! Sorry about the error you are getting. Did you properly extract the downloaded .zip file into the plugin directory? Something that might cause this are file permission errors during extraction of the zip file. Also what is the exact MacOS version that you are using? (10.12.1, 10.12.3, 10.12.6, etc)

(1 edit)

it's gonna mix now! don't know why ahah 

thanks a lot

Hey man, really looking forward to playing around with this. Keep getting an error message though 

I'm on the latest Mac (10.13.4) and AE version


Hello! Sorry you're encountering this problem. It looks like you downloaded the PC version(The ".aex" is for the PC version while the ".plugin" is what Mac OSX uses). Be sure to download and extract and drag the extracted PixSort.plugin into the plugin folder. When extracted right the icon in your file browser for PixSort.plugin should change as well.

Ah of course, seems to be working now. Thanks for the quick reply man.


Glad you got it working!

Hi Wunkolo,

Love the plugin — it's been working fine so far but weirdly when it came to rendering out - After effects just ignores the plugin entirely and none of the pixel sorting appears in the final render at all, do you have any suggestions at all? It's for a fairly urgent client project but I've resorted to screen recording the preview in the mean time.

Many thanks!


Developer (1 edit)

Hey Christmasham,

That's a very strange bug... Is this the first time this has happened? Is it only with this one composition in particular? Are you sure you don't have the layer that PixSort is applied to set as a guide layer?

Hey, Thanks for the quick reply! — It is the first time it's happened, though this is also the first time using PixSort, but I use plugins like trapcode and don't encounter any issues, I found out I can render out fine if I use the legacy renderer in after effects (instead of media encoder) but this is obviously not ideal as it's extremely limiting in format/codecs/etc. 


Can you tell me some more context of what version and OS you are using? I am unable to replicate this using  Windows 10, After Effects CC 2018 (15.0.0), Media Encoder CC (12.0).

Are you able to create any other compositions that do the same thing? Such as a very minimal composition where this seems to happen. Also have you tried clearing your media disc cache in After Effects? It is possible that the cache coherency between After Effects and Media Encoder has gotten compromised.

Hey Wunkolo,

Thanks for the reply again, I'm using macOS Sierra 10.12.6,
After Effects CC 2017 — do you think this is the root of the problem?

I've purged the cache and tested a new comp but no luck, fortunately being able to render 
from after effects directly and converting afterwards is working okay for this project,
I'll update After effects when I can to see if this resolves it.


Hello. I just updated the .plugin file and now its not showing up into my AE.
Before the update it was fine. I'm using OSX El Capitan i7 16Gb. After Effects CC2015


Sorry! I had to dust off some old build chain stuff when updating to the latest AdobeSDK. Should be fixed now!

Hi Wunkolo,

Recently updated to the latest version of macOS Mojave 10.14 (18A391) and the latest version of After Effects CC (16.0.0), I've placed the .plugin file into the respective folder but its not showing up in my AE.

Please advise, thank you!


Should be fixed now! Sorry about that. Some build pipeline issues


bought your incredible plugin but, after I assume is a correct placement of the file in the plugin folder, I can't find it in the plugin list. I tried a previous version of after effect and it didn't work either. I work on a : iMac - Mojave v10.14.1

Would you happen to have an idea ?

Thank you for your time <3


Hey! Did you make sure to unzip the archive before putting the file into the plugins folder? It should have an icon similar to some of the other files you may find in there from within finder.

What are the exact steps that you did to install it?

Thank you for your reply.

I followed the exact same steps as on my PC (it works there).
- unziped it, - placed it under the plugin folder (applications/adobeaftereffectCC2019/plug-ins), - and that's it, there should be no problem right ? I use other plugins from or old Trapcode versions for exemple and they work fine.

Thank you for taking some time to help me ! <3


Very strange that this is happening...

Do you have multiple versions of After Effects installed and might possibly be running a version different to the folder that you are installing it in?(this is something that has happened a couple times to people with install-issues)

When the file has been fully unzipped, PixSort.plugin should have a different icon that will imply that you've got the right file to put into "Applications/Adobe After Effects (version)/Plug-ins"(PixSort.plugin within the should go in here).  And then it should show under "Wunk Effects" just like in the PC version.

Everything is perfectly set up as you said. I reinstalled After Effect, still not showing. I don't have any remaining previous versions of Ae either. 

Even when I search for the plugin with the Finder, it does not show...

Am I not seeing what I am doing wrong ?


That's very strange that it doesn't show up there. Even OSX is regarding it as a valid plugin but After Effects refuses to recognize it and you mentioned it happening to a previous version of After Effects as well...

Just one more thing to make sure:

on that .plugin file you should be able to right-click>Show package contents to browse the contents of the plugin archive. Within it, verify that the contents look like this:

Particularly that the "PixSort" file is within the MacOS folder as it might imply that you have an older download of the plugin or the initial extraction did not work correctly.

Everything is right where it should be:

I have made some more tests and It does not work on any previous versions of Ae. Unfortunately, I do not own another iMac to test it on another computer. I don't know how to help you more..

Developer (1 edit)

I'm booting up my OSX installs and I can't seem to be able to recreate this issue at all to find out what is going on here exactly unfortunately... Nothing seems to stand out to make it seem to be a locale or filesystem issue either from some of the other tests that I've done and the current upload at the moment is using the latest SDK from Adobe(Oct 2018) and it is using a statically linked OSX that supports version 10.11 or above so it should show up just fine... I can offer a full refund to your stripe purchase(ending in "xqJrF6") if it is not suiting your needs at the moment as I can't think of any other reason for it to not show up... Really sorry about all this

I thank you for your time ! And it's ok it works on my other PC so I can still use it

I'll be sure to post again if it works !


I'm using Pixsort in an AE file with music synced animations.

The issue is: 70% of times the audio won't work when I start the software. (all sounds are on and doesn't matter what audio output I choose)

I'm not 100% sure it's because of Pixsort, anybody had the same issue? Any fix?

I get a 

can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.

when opening AE 2019...


Looks like a Mac operating system security measure of some kind..

Does this happen when you open After Effects in particular? Any more contextual information you can give?

Mac OS asks me to authorize the file when putting it into the plugins folder, then, when you open AE and drag the plugin onto a layer, it says it’s unable to authenticate


This sounds like a security measure similar to the Windows UAC system of some sort that Mac OSX has. 

Maybe check some of the security settings mentioned here? There seem to be other softwares that have this issue as well.

Since upgrading to Catalina, I keep getting these errors when I have PixSort in the Plug-in folder (with CC2019, and 2020). Any idea on what I should do? I've tried downloading, and installing again. Thank you for you help! 


Some others have encountered similar issues like this after upgrading to the latest OSX and I think it's basically the OSX equivalent of Window's UAC authorization to serve as a first line of defense against unsigned software.

There are some other software that run into this issue but there seem to be people finding a resolution in just right clicking and clicking open. Maybe that may work?

Right clicking and then clicking open didn't work for me, but I did find a solution in the reddit link that you attached. After getting the "cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified," I pressed cancel, and then opened System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. Under "Allow apps downloaded from:" there was an option to "Allow PixSort anyway." (I don't remember the exact phrasing). After clicking that I closed AE, and reopened it and the plugin worked! 

Thank you for your help! I'm a big fan of your work! 

Hi Erica,
I'm having the exact same trouble, same windows pop out when i'm clicking the plugin and after closing these the plugin doesn't work anyway.
I've tried to follow your suggestion going to the system preferences, but i simply don't have an option allowing to download apps from anywhere other from app store and verified developers.
Is there anything else you tried that helped you start running the plugin?
Thank you


Hey! Have you tried the "RightClick>Open" option before doing the System Preferences stuff?

I'm seeing better luck with the RightClick>Open one and it appears to work immediately after doing this at least once.

(1 edit)

Hi, when I use this effect, it doesn't open to the whole composition. It annoys me that I can't solve this problem


Sorry, but you are not using my PixSort plugin in that picture. You are using "AE Pixel Sorter" in that image which is not the page that this plugin is for.

Sorry for bothering you. I did not notice it