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ERROR message

Hey. Sorry bout the bug, other than the threshold value causing the crash does all else seem alright? Any info about your comp that you might be able to share such as your pixel aspect ratio or resolution? Not sure what would get it to allocate a 15x0 frame though it may have to do with having "adaptive subdivision" on in which it tries to progressively generate the high resolution image from much much lower resolution ones in favor of real-time interaction

If you're able to the Windows Event Viewer might be able to give me much more precise insight on where the crash occurs if you are able to provide it.

Hey, so i am editing in 1920x1080, and i tried 4k stuff and same thing happens. Im not sure exactly how to use the windows event viewer.  And it crashes anytime i try using the plug in. same error message too.

The link provided( has a tutorial on how to use the event viewer. I'll investigate the issue on my end some more as this is the first this specific error is happening. Until then though try disabling "Adaptive Subdivision" and see if that helps at all