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Just purchased PixSort. Looks awesome so far but every time I open it immediately crashes. Im using a Mac2015 10.11.6 El Capitan and AE CC 2017.2

I installed it by putting the extension to /Applications/Adobe After Effects CC 2015/Plug-ins/Effects

Here is the latest crash report:


Thanks so much in advance. I'm so excited to use this effect.


Just updated the Mac build with some fixes that should help with your problem! Try re-downloading the Mac build and see if it helps in any way. If it doesn't though feel free to update with any future crash logs so I can investigate further.

Downloaded the new Mac build and still had AE crash. Took a little while longer this time but heres an updated crash report! Thanks for all the help youre the man!


Getting close! Just updated the upload with some more fixes. Seems adding parallelism in some places caused more problems than benefits(and cache-abuse for that matter). I also added some progress-bar feedback that should show on the bottom right of the composition window. Lemme know how it goes and I'm so sorry for the problems you've had to face.. If it still refuses to be stable I'm also totally open to refunding you.