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After Effects Color Quantization Plugin · By Wunkolo

Bugs Sticky

A topic by Wunkolo created Dec 26, 2016 Views: 626 Replies: 11
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Developer (1 edit)

Use this thread to report on any bugs that you've come across. Please include the version of After Effects you're using and any associated crash dumps that you can provide!

Hello Wunkolo! I Purchased your PixDither Plugin and I love it, but I'm having a problem animating my "Offset Y" it doesn't work. Where are the updates so i can fix the problem. I also had another problem when I used it om my fireball video, it didn't render out the effect and the video too. One last thing I can't add a "Custom Palette" it's greyed out. And also do you have a video tutorial of how to create a "Custom Palette" to use it with your PixDither.

Developer (1 edit)

Hey Mographics!

What dither pattern/shape are you using when animating the "Offset Y"? Depending on the shape it may not have any effect such as if it's using a vertical line shape anyways such as with "Vertical 1x8" or "Vertical 2x2".

Do you have an image of what it does when applied to your fireball video? It should still show even if there is a lot of transparency as the plugin will only operate on the colors and not the alpha. What are your dither settings for it? Does it show in the viewport but not when rendered out?

Also you must click "Load Palette" on the top of the effect to load in a custom palette file.

The button under "Custom Palette" is for resetting the one you already have loaded in and the label on the left of it shows how many colors have been loaded in.

To enable the "Reset palette" button you must set the current color swatch setting to "Custom" so that it will use your custom colors rather than the preset ones and enable the additional options.

I currently don't have a video tutorial on the custom palettes but to create a swatch you can use something like photoshop and illustrators swatch window and saving the swatch for exchange so that you can get a .ase file to import. Another option is the online tool "Adobe Color CC"(used to be known as "Kulor") which allows you to create and save swatch files online.

Hello Wunkolo :) Thanks for the feedback it was very helpful. I have managed to fix my problem when rendering in after effects, it seems like when I had mu pattern on "Bayer 8x8" & palette on "Web Safe" and my rendering is to H.264 the effect doesn't render out when exported, but when I made my rendering setting to Quicktime Animation the render became successful.

Can't seem to install on Mac AE CC 2017. Get this error on startup.

Am I putting it in the wrong folder?


That seems to be the correct folder...

What version of OSX might you have?  Do you have the specific version of your After Effects? (ex: 14.0, 14.1, 14.2)

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I have OS Sierra 10.2.15 and AE CC 2017 14.2 according to the splash screen. Here's my plug-in folder layout. 


It doesn't seem to detect that the .plugin file is an after effects plugin either.. Are you certain that it is properly extracted from the .zip archive? Also are you certain that your version is not actually "10.12.15"?

I will have to set up my virtual OSX on my new system so it might take some time to recreate this issue on my end unfortunately;;;

I worked it out, Mac automatically renames the to .plugin if you don't read the prompts so it had been trying to use the unextracted zip which was named .plugin. Might be worth mentioning on the download page?


For sure! Windows has something similar in which it would hide the extension of a file and would cause all sorts of problems and confusions at times. Adding to the download page!

Thanks Wunkolo, the plugin's amazing. :)


So glad you like it! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™