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A member registered Apr 15, 2017

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Replied to Wunkolo in Bugs

Hello Wunkolo :) Thanks for the feedback it was very helpful. I have managed to fix my problem when rendering in after effects, it seems like when I had mu pattern on "Bayer 8x8" & palette on "Web Safe" and my rendering is to H.264 the effect doesn't render out when exported, but when I made my rendering setting to Quicktime Animation the render became successful.

Posted in Bugs

Hello Wunkolo! I Purchased your PixDither Plugin and I love it, but I'm having a problem animating my "Offset Y" it doesn't work. Where are the updates so i can fix the problem. I also had another problem when I used it om my fireball video, it didn't render out the effect and the video too. One last thing I can't add a "Custom Palette" it's greyed out. And also do you have a video tutorial of how to create a "Custom Palette" to use it with your PixDither.