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After Effects Pixel Sorting Plugin · By Wunkolo

Suggestions and Requests Sticky

A topic by Wunkolo created Jul 17, 2016 Views: 1,982 Replies: 41
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Use this thread to make feature suggestions or requests for the PixSort plugin! I also wanted to take this chance to note that any additional features and updates added to PixSort are free to any previous buyers.

just a thought: borders should be checked on by default! i was very confused until i checked that!



Any news on a future update for CC 2017 ?


Just updated all plugins to work with CC 2017!

Awesome :-)

You might want to publish a tutorial. Im having some issues with some settings and getting the results I was looking for.

Great plugin but sorting from another layer would make it awesome! :D

Also... would it be possible to make it work at 32 bit depth?

This would be awesome.


Heyoo This is quite an old comment but I wanted to reply to say that currently I am working on refactoring a lot of PixSort's features over the summer and one of them is indeed 32-bit support! Currently I am working on 16 bit colors and then 32-bit colors will be the very next step!

When using Pixsort my AE quits unexpectedly almost immediately every time. Any fix on this would be great. It is unusable for me right now. I'm using a maxed out Mac 10.11.6 so there should be no issues with my hardware.


What version of After Effects? Do you have any crash reports that you may provide to give further insight on the issue?

In your /Library/Logs/CrashReporter directory there should be a crash log for After Effects. Can you possibly upload this file somewhere so I may see what exactly is going on?

Great plugin. Would be great to be able to change the threshold to prioritise shadows, or according to dist from neutral grey etc.  A bit like the ae scripts plugin. Unless you're meant to do that by reversing the bias on the sorting process in which case the plugin crashes for me every time

Also it'd be really cool to add thickness to the pixel lines

Developer (1 edit)

The way to do it would be to check the "invert" option on the threshold mask while having it set to "lightness" so that sorting only happens in the dark areas.

Also clicking "reverse" on sort-bias crashes every time?  I'll look into this more as that shouldn't be happening.. PC or Mac by the way?

For some reason I thought it changed the direction, even though I knew there was a direction selection haha. My bad! 

OSX Sierra 10.12.4 with AE CC.

Is the patch you have posted already incorporated into the current v1.2? I just purchased it today (December 26 2017) and wonder if I need to patch it?


The latest download is the v1.2 update yes!

Do you not see the new features with the latest download?

(Metaphase,Dipole, constraints, etc)

I see. Are you planning any more versions?


Currently across all my plugins(and some unreleased ones) I am doing a pass of my codebase to allow for some gpu acceleration using openGL and/or vulkan but at the moment a new Adobe SDK is in the works of being released with a new update that I am waiting for that seems to natively support this. Once the new Adobe SDK comes out I'll be updating my plugins to allow for much of these new speedups.

Do you have a feature request?


Great plugin.

Is there a way to make the effect "3D" or "2.5D"? What I mean is, can you rotate the lined effect to make them appear to point directly on the Z axis towards the camera, rather than just rotating on the XY axis? This would be a good feature.

Like in this example:

Out of curiosity, where are you based?


I think for that video they used photoscan which creates a 3d point-cloud from an array of photos and estimates the depth of each of them, and then on top of that they use directional pixel sorting.

A similar effect can be done with the card dance effect in after effects too!

Pixsort also has a "Radial Zoom" option for its flow-shape that you may use to exaggerate the depth a bit.

I am based in Southern California!

Thank you for your reply and the links.

I think your plugin is the best of its kind I've found and is very reasonably priced.

If you don't mind me asking -- how does one learn to develop plugins for AE? Is there a course one can take?


Oh man to be honest even just learning to make them myself is quite the journey. There is very very very little documentation out there besides what adobe provides and maybe some stray open source plugins on github so it's quite the task to learn and get up to speed considering pretty much every plugin programmer out there keeps their trade secrets to themselves. It's a pretty weird atmosphere to be in. 

You can get the SDKs here! There is a PDF there that describes the overall API and includes some samples for the many different plugin types.

There is this course, which I haven't tried myself but it seems like a very good introduction from the preview video that I saw.


Thanks again for the links — greatly appreciated!

I hope your hard work is paying off with sales of your plugins.

I think marketing is another area you should invest more of your time to promote awareness of your plugins. I found your plugin only after I noticed the effect in that video I linked. I had not seen the effect anywhere before — I just came across it by chance on Artstation.

The creator of the video did not specify anything about how he created the effect, but he did tell me he used “pixel sorting”. I searched around and came up with your plugin using those key words, which was mentioned in a CG forum. I also found AE Pixel Sorter (, which is more expensive but not nearly as feature-rich. You have probably seen it. Since your plugin was so reasonably priced in comparison, I didn’t hesitate in buying it.

I would suggest you make a few video tutorials as well as examples of what can be done with your plugin and post them on Youtube, CG artist sites (like Artstation) and your site to build awareness and interest.


Developer (1 edit)

No problem! You are absolutely right that I haven't put much effort in promoting my plugin outside of offhand links on the After Effects reddit and such. Now that I have a stable build if PixSort with its feature set being asymptotically complete I can for sure start production of a video demonstrating what PixSort is and how to interface with its features. Thank you so much for the feedback!

Hey Wunkolo, great Plugin. If you would make a video right now I think you would help so many people. Pixelsorting is in Chart music videos right now, so many people looking for a good and cheap way to use it. 

I have a question because you seem very experienced in experimental stuff. Can you tell how the artist of the music video did this?

best regards dude

hi, im not the guy who made the thing but this looks like a whole lot of shifting channels on footage shot with a dolly or a drone down a street with some faces and patterns thrown in, which were probably generated in whatever software they used. then applied repeaters and also lots of overlay/screen blending with some classic distortion (scanlines, colour bleed, displacement, etc.) 

hope that helps

Please make the tutorial!

Hey man, thanks for this amazing plugin. If you can develop it on FFGL it would be crazy, so that we can use it for live performances with Resolume


I've never heard of FFGL! Looking it up now though, this looking  like a very pretty interesting demographic for me to explore.

Do tell me more as this might be something I'm very willing to explore as lately I have been exploring GPU acceleration via Vulkan and this seems like a perfect medium for that.


Any plans on updating to work in AE version 17?


It should work fine with  AE 17(2020)

What issues are you running into?

Hi, first thanks for your plugin, it's a core part of my creative process, looove it. I'm working on 360 Fulldome pieces sometimes and I would love to have an equirectangular shape sorting option, if that's even possible (and not sure what the results would be). I've used normal sorting on equirectangular footage then transformed it into fulldome fisheye before, it's working fine but you can see some "stitches" (because the effect is linear and the equirectangular plane is bended afterwards). The other option I tried is your radial zoom sorting on a fisheye footage, working  fine, but the effect seems slightly different. 

Since you have the dipole and metaphase options I'm naively guessing that bringing an equirectangular shape could be done, but I might be wrong ;)!

Let me know what you think, and keep up the great work!

Best regards,

Hi does this still work with CC 2021?

I just got it working in AE 2021

I've just purchased the plugin and i have trouble using it; when clicking on PixSort tab under the Effects menu in AE different windows start to pop out with messages like "not valid plugin",  "Error: Couldn't find the main entry point for PixSort.plugin ( 48 :: 72 )" or "..can't verify this plugin of a malware"

I really would love to be able to use this plugin, and it hurts to think that i've spent 15 bucks for something that doesn't work.
Could you please help?