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Suggestions and Requests Sticky

A topic by Wunkolo created Jul 17, 2016 Views: 661 Replies: 16
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Use this thread to make feature suggestions or requests for the PixSort plugin! I also wanted to take this chance to note that any additional features and updates added to PixSort are free to any previous buyers.

just a thought: borders should be checked on by default! i was very confused until i checked that!



Any news on a future update for CC 2017 ?


Just updated all plugins to work with CC 2017!

Awesome :-)

You might want to publish a tutorial. Im having some issues with some settings and getting the results I was looking for.

Great plugin but sorting from another layer would make it awesome! :D

Also... would it be possible to make it work at 32 bit depth?

This would be awesome.


Heyoo This is quite an old comment but I wanted to reply to say that currently I am working on refactoring a lot of PixSort's features over the summer and one of them is indeed 32-bit support! Currently I am working on 16 bit colors and then 32-bit colors will be the very next step!

When using Pixsort my AE quits unexpectedly almost immediately every time. Any fix on this would be great. It is unusable for me right now. I'm using a maxed out Mac 10.11.6 so there should be no issues with my hardware.


What version of After Effects? Do you have any crash reports that you may provide to give further insight on the issue?

In your /Library/Logs/CrashReporter directory there should be a crash log for After Effects. Can you possibly upload this file somewhere so I may see what exactly is going on?

Great plugin. Would be great to be able to change the threshold to prioritise shadows, or according to dist from neutral grey etc.  A bit like the ae scripts plugin. Unless you're meant to do that by reversing the bias on the sorting process in which case the plugin crashes for me every time

Also it'd be really cool to add thickness to the pixel lines

Developer (Edited 1 time)

The way to do it would be to check the "invert" option on the threshold mask while having it set to "lightness" so that sorting only happens in the dark areas.

Also clicking "reverse" on sort-bias crashes every time?  I'll look into this more as that shouldn't be happening.. PC or Mac by the way?

For some reason I thought it changed the direction, even though I knew there was a direction selection haha. My bad! 

OSX Sierra 10.12.4 with AE CC.