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The Pimento

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Who decided ZQSD to move was a good idea? The controls are garbage, the sound effects are laughable. Sorry, this one isn't for me.

Constat community · Created a new topic Hmm

I was intrigued since there was no description on the page. Things got stranger and stranger, then the ending just kind of.... happened. Not exactly sure what I played.

That’s great to hear! That ‘streaker’ guy that runs by the door and screams was hilarious and made me jump twice! I love that guy! 

This game had good suspense and buildup but the end left a lot to be desired. I do like all the work you put into it with the physics on the trash bags and the ketchup was a nice touch.

This game was way too short and the running speed was a little slow (my pinky still hurts from holding Shift the entire time!). The ending was.... well, an ending. I'm not exactly sure what it was going for.

This game had so much potential and I really hope you expand it to a full experience, but it was way too short and the ending was so abrupt it didn't make for a good experience.

If you're concerned with trigger warnings, maybe you shouldn't be playing horror games...

I was extremely impressed with this game! The graphics were great, puzzles were good and really nice atmosphere. I wishlisted on Steam. I can't wait to play the full game!

I really enjoyed this game. At first it's like 'ok this isn't too bad' then things get crazy. Great job!

This game was super short, but it was scary and hilarious! Great job, especially with the ending. 

I'll admit, I wasn't expecting a lot from this game, but boy did it deliver! Great game. I can't wait to play more of your games!

I was really impressed with your game. I love the intro! I just ran into an issue with not knowing what to do at the end (until I looked at my phone, doh!). Great game!

This game was really impressive. Reading the description I thought the voice recognition would've been half-baked, but man, it caught 99.99% of what I said. Are there any plans for an expansion or another story? I'd love to see more!

I just played your game. I liked the default walking/running speed and the mouse sensitivity. The thing that made me stop playing was after I died, I lost my keys. I get that this is a short game, but that really made me stop playing. But good first game overall.

I enjoyed your game. Thanks for the English subtitles and options!

I had fun with this game. It was short and made me laugh at the end. 

Tried playing your game. The room with the paintings where there's a three digit code, my mouse disappeared and I couldn't get it back. Also at the first before you go down to the room with the monster, if you try to jump across, you get stuck.

Enjoyed the game, but got stuck at the camera and picture frame part. I thought I knew what to do, but couldn't figure out the next part.

That sucks. So I guess there's no way to get a refund. I can't figure out how to even ask for one.

None of the suggested items work on Mojave. I just purchased this and can't even run it. :/