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Thanks for the super fast response, bought the plugin :) I recently started seriously making my own music, and had an idea for a little rpg where music plays a bigger part, your plugin looks perfect for the job!

I'd love to know before buying, but your plugin looks really cool, I'm looking for something like this.

They are super bad about updating/supporting the mac version. My entire dev environment is on mac, I hate having to switch over to my bootcamp partition just to use a single piece of software. Had I known about this in advance, I wouldn't have bought the software.

That said, I can get the software to start on Mojave (14.2) with the tips they give in this post. It immediately crashes out as I try to edit the base graphic though, so it's not super useful getting it to boot on mac.

Any news on when the mac version will be updated here/on steam?

When will this bug be fixed? I have the steam version, but can't select any visuals at all. I'm on Mac OS 10.14.1

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I still have this problem, just the unity files. (or I'm blind and can't locate the png folder?)

EDIT: nvm, found them all the way down underneath the NAME.png.meta files. Must be a quirk of my folder settings, my bad for not scrolling down far enough :) Great work!

Your assets make me sooooo happy ^_^ Thanks for putting this up Vexed!

I am now a cat with a family of cats. 10/10 would recommend :)