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So exciting! Sorry, for some reason itch never notified me of this comment!


Maybe add a TileD launcher from the command list? So it's easy to launch while working on your game.

I sawwwwwwwww

Sure! Send it to or you can post it here, too.

That's okay! Groceries are more important than my silly little game!


Should be available in Canada, as well!

And now it's available on the Nintendo Switch :)

It should work just fine on the Deck! But so far, it's untested. You'll have to let me know!

BTW, on Nov 3rd CK will be on the Nintendo Switch's eshop in Europe, US, and Canada :)

LOL right? And yet very fitting for the game


Oh, my bad, sorry about that. Will do shortly

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In a nutshell-

A micro RPG with about 2-4 hours of play for each run
Randomized worlds, dungeons, and cities
A cool personality profile at the end of each game based on your actions during play
6 Kitty classes to choose from! Some are easier to use, some make the game so much harder. Experiment and find out which works best for you. You might be surprised!

More info here-

I am so glad you feel that way! I'll be putting up some gameplay videos Wednesday, and then maybe have the actual trailer Friday...the day before the game goes up on sale :)

YAY! So glad to hear it. 

The writing on this is excellent.

I never tried doing it with C and OpenGL! Huh. I did, back in the day, try making engines in C++ and Allegro for DOS. That was a really fun library to use! I will say this, I'm not going quite that low level, so I don't have to worry about object placement quite as much, thankfully.

Thanks for your comment! And I'm so glad you're looking forward to the game. This one is a bit of work, but damn, it looks good.

Hi- just so you know, this tileset was used for the game Bad Writer, which is now available on the Nintendo Switch! Thanks for making such a versatile, and cool indoor tileset.

Oh that's fantastic! It will be getting on the Steam store soonish, and it should run on the Steamdeck when it's there, no problem. I'll probably post here when that happens. But it should be able to run fine, it doesn't do anything complicated, and I hear the Steam OS can run a lot of windows games fairly easily.

Sorry about the delay for Nintendo of Canada! Thanks for checking in, and buying the one you did.

Awesome!!!!! So glad to hear that!

I'm doing it all by myself! And thanks, yes, I think I did improve in the last two years :) I also got a graphics tablet last year which made pixel art a ton easier to do. 

I've been doing this for about 25 years now or so, and here is the art from my first game in the late 90's, lol. I've come a long way.

Ah, sorry, it won't be on the Canadian eshop. It would need a French translation in order to be there, and I can't afford that just yet. Maybe someday in the future! Terribly sorry about that.

There might be something, though. Email me at, I think I have an idea for a work around, but it would be on an individual basis.

Oh! It looks like it's not on! How interesting. It's in Europe and North America...I thought NA would cover Canada. Let me see if I can get that fixed. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

I wouldn't have bought it if I would have known, I would have just waited for a full release. It just crashed my computer out of nowhere, locking it with a blank screen and making a beeping noise. I had to force a restart and lost some of my work I'd been doing earlier.

Other than that, I really liked the game. Had it really been in pre-release beta for that long with no updates?

Hello! I had some questions, but I can't seem to find any contact info (email/etc). Could you please email me at ? I'm looking for a musician for my next game

Aw hey thanks! And so cool you supported it right from the start! Thanks for that

Awesome! Enjoy :)


I mean, it's funny, think about it

What system are you using? I noticed in some versions of OSX it goes too fast, but restarting it sometimes fixes it. It uses the video interrupt to keep the game going at 60fps, so it should (unless you have vsync turned off) run at a decent clip a majority of the time.

Two years ago, still no Itch.

On one hand, I guess I get it- got make at least $100 a  month on Steam or they don't send you a payout. OTOH, maybe that means we should try and send people to itch and stop using steam to sell games

This is a problem with all mac games and apps not sold in apple's app store, though, so it's not just you. I think it's fair to say you support mac with that caveat. Most games here that say they support Mac also have the exact same issue.

It's not corrupted, you can get around it by right clicking, open. It's a very common issue with people downloading stuff here for the mac and not using Apple's own proprietary app store. They're trying to force people to use that, so they get a cut of

Here's an easier instruction-

Mac users are used to this, so you can still say you support mac. I know, I am one, and most mac apps not download on the Apple App store will say this.

I think that's too soon, really, since there are more versions coming out later?


Yes! And then you can avoid writing while playing a game where a character complains about not writing. Super meta!

Both Switch and iOS ports are in the process of happening!

Not very many! It should run on most PC's bought in the last 8 years. Mac's OTOH, there is only one requirement- that OSX is 10.7 or higher. Though from what I've heard, if you have an older OSX it *does* run if you use the itch downloader app to do it. It uses some voodoo that makes it all right.