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Awesome! Enjoy :)


I mean, it's funny, think about it

What system are you using? I noticed in some versions of OSX it goes too fast, but restarting it sometimes fixes it. It uses the video interrupt to keep the game going at 60fps, so it should (unless you have vsync turned off) run at a decent clip a majority of the time.

Two years ago, still no Itch.

On one hand, I guess I get it- got make at least $100 a  month on Steam or they don't send you a payout. OTOH, maybe that means we should try and send people to itch and stop using steam to sell games

This is a problem with all mac games and apps not sold in apple's app store, though, so it's not just you. I think it's fair to say you support mac with that caveat. Most games here that say they support Mac also have the exact same issue.

It's not corrupted, you can get around it by right clicking, open. It's a very common issue with people downloading stuff here for the mac and not using Apple's own proprietary app store. They're trying to force people to use that, so they get a cut of

Here's an easier instruction-

Mac users are used to this, so you can still say you support mac. I know, I am one, and most mac apps not download on the Apple App store will say this.

I think that's too soon, really, since there are more versions coming out later?


Yes! And then you can avoid writing while playing a game where a character complains about not writing. Super meta!

Both Switch and iOS ports are in the process of happening!

Not very many! It should run on most PC's bought in the last 8 years. Mac's OTOH, there is only one requirement- that OSX is 10.7 or higher. Though from what I've heard, if you have an older OSX it *does* run if you use the itch downloader app to do it. It uses some voodoo that makes it all right.

Right? And ironically, as I was coding it I kept saying "I should be writing right now"

I am Emily, lol

Every writer thinks they're a bad writer when they're not writing :)

Thank you! I'll def do an update here when/if it happens!

Maybe! I'm not sure how it would play on the phone, but I have some ideas. The Switch would be a bit more difficult, though I do plan on reapplying for a developer's license again. Finger's crossed!

Oh, that's really cool! I didn't know that. I know the official Love2d release (which I use) say it has to be OSX 10.7+ (which I put on the top of the page yesterday when I found out). Good to know it works in the desktop app.

Yeah, sorry! I mentioned on the top of the page that it works with only 10.7+, I guess that's a limitation of Love2d? Though someone says below it can work in the desktop app, which rocks.

Whoops! For some reason had this set to early access. This is not early access, this is the complete game. Fixed that.

Great! So glad.

(1 edit)

I just double checked how I have the payment processors set up, and paypal is listed there, so it should be working, and you should be able to use it. Sorry you're having issues! If you want, email me at and we'll work something out

Thanks! I haven't seen that. 

Oh! I'm so sorry.  I have no clue, I didn't set up itch. Let me see what I can do.

The pay by credit card is through PayPal, most payments are through paypal by default, I think?

Sorry, didn't realize the gif's on the page weren't working in chrome (though they worked in Firefox, my browser of choice). Fixed it so they work in all browsers now.

Yeah! There is a lot of overlap, isn't there?

An update- I tried downloading other games made in Love by other people (not my own game) and I ran across this same issue! I wonder why that is. I think if you download  the .love file (called the linux file above, or retro pi), and download and install the mac version of love from-

It should work. Asking on forums why this might be the case with app folders on the forums

two reasons!
1- I thought it was really funny to have a steam sucks sale. Like, it still makes me laugh.

2- To put a game on steam you have to$100, and if you don't sell over $100 worth, you don't get any $$$ that you rightfully earn. They're basically using indie game developers as a bank, with 30 new indies games being uploaded to steam every day. That's an insane amount of money they're earning per diem on games even if they never sell a single one...

And that's low. They use bank fees blah blah blah as an excuse, but that's BS. No one else does that. Not Google Play, not Itch, not Epic, etc.

Should work fine, I'm testing it on an M1 with the latest as well? Was it a security error?

What's the version of OSX?

Just an update- I'm working on fixing the windows bugs, like the transition time and some of the frame skipping issues...

Hmm, I'll need to check to see about having it do about a better "wall check" for dropping items, it shouldn't allow you to drop them in the wall. One thing I noticed (I built this on a Mac, and developed on a Mac, and only got a chance to check it recently on windows) is that the transitions between screens on Windows takes too long, which probably affected this lamp issue. I'll try and fix that so it won't happen again.

The music issue is one I've known about, and have been trying to fix for awhile...

Glad you enjoyed it so much! Thank you for letting me know about the problems.

Excellent, good to know

NICE. Okay, sold.

Perfect! Are they scaled up currently to work with RPGMaker, and would need to be scaled back down for a lower resolution?

Oh wow, thanks for the heads up on MAC OS big Sur. Damn I hate that I updated a year ago...nothing runs on the damned thing.

What size are the assets? Would they work well at a more GBA or Celeste style resolution, or do they need to be a full 1080p to look good?

I don't like steam, either. They rip game devs off something fierce.

YES! That's great! I take it no Mac version in the future? I'll see if I can snag a PC to play it on, and if so I'll buy

Also- another question- do you support multiplayer through GB link cables?