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Glad to hear :)

Hope you'll find this script useful!

Can you check the Color Mode of your document? It should be in RGBA mode

(I've tested both scripts in and seems like everything works on macOS)

Added to todo list!

I started implementing this feature just yesterday! I'm in the process of rewriting everything from the ground up, using the latest Aseprite API additions.

This will allow adding features like a custom angle for the axonometric projection. It already works (it's not a box yet though, haha):


Thanks for suggestions!

1. “Isomteric” angle is one of the most requested features! And since the recent API update, I might be able to implement this feautre. I will think about it.

2. Well, I have another isometric script in the works, which can potentially solve this. 

All in all, I'm up for making more tools for Aseprite and I already have some stuff in the works, but it takes time to polish everything for the final release. 

I even think about making some kind of Early Access to these tools for those who don't mind missing manual/instructions or some features. 

You are welcome! I have few more tools in the works. Hopefully, I'll be able to release something new soon!

Great! Thank you! I'll do some code clean up and release updated version!
Do you have a Twitter account or something like that, so I could mention you in the description?

Please make sure you have installed Aseprite Beta:

Repo is up:

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Ooh! This is awesome! I will set up a repo and send the link to you. Thanks!

I believe these lines were added by @davidcapello as a temporary solution, because app.refresh() didn't work correctly with my script on Windows in the Beta 2 or something like that. But it was probably already fixed in the latest Beta releases

Thanks man!

Thanks :)

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This script is for Aseprite. It is available on Windows, macOS and Linux.

I've heard people had some crash issues on Windows 10 because of the wrong beta branch. Make sure you have selected branch called beta - Beta version - Preview features in Steam.


Hope you'll find it useful :)


Thanks! Looking forward to try fixed version!


I've downloaded demo version and in VISUALS tab I have empty spaces instead of library of shapes. 

I'm running macOS 10.12.6