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This is really solid and very polished.  The sound effects were extremely well done and that timer sound had me panicking 100% of the time.  The music was the only piece that didn't really seem to fit - the piece you chose has a really down and somber feeling to it, while the game itself seemed more lighthearted than that. 

Overall though, it's a very nice game!  It feels like it's just missing some sort of actual scoring system, and it would be good to go for a mobile game.

Super cute art and music!  The overall feel of the game is great, and the basic interactions feel pretty polished.  

That said, it feels like there was some missed potential with the gameplay.  Overall it's basically just a very simplistic DDR-type game with some cute visuals.  It might have been a bit more interesting if you had to figure out which keys to press based on the stuff happening on the screen - like if you had a random recipe to make, then have to get various ingredients with different keys and chop/prepare them with other keys.  As is, the gameplay is linear and not super interesting.  

Still, great job on the overall presentation!

Awesome idea!  This was pretty enjoyable to play and I think that the core idea is well executed. The little "thud" sound when you get a guy to the goal was very satisfying and the visual design was pleasant enough to work for the game.  I think this is one of the more innovative titles I've seen in the jam.

Since I liked it, here's some more in-depth criticism (note that I really liked it quite a bit, so don't take this as me saying the game was bad, these are just the things I didn't enjoy):

  • It seems like you purposefully made it so you "can't look too far ahead", but I don't think that that was a great design choice.  There were plenty of times that I messed up because I couldn't plan things out, and all that means is that I had to restart the level after messing it up the first time. It would have been nicer if I could have seen the whole level, then started it when I was ready.
  • Along the same lines, it was a bit frustrating to not be able to "undo", especially in the longer levels. A single misplaced jumper or switcher basically leads to you needing to restart the level.  
  • A dialog to prompt the player to hit "N" for the next level would have been nice.  Also, it would have been nice to know if it was impossible to complete the level with the current number of guys left alive, so I could restart earlier.
  • Some of the later levels get a bit repetitive.

Overall this is a really cool little entry!  

Good job on atmosphere and feeling.  Having a weirdish main character was also interesting.  The gameplay itself was somewhat boring though.

I got a VERY low framerate when playing this in Chrome, but it ran fine when I downloaded the Windows build.  

Overall it's not bad!  To be honest, I didn't really see the differences when hitting poles - when I was going slow it didn't really seem to change anything, and once I started going fast I would just bounce off the ledge with 1 hit.  

Good job on the presentation and music!


Thanks!  The mines are just mines, haha.

I think that it would actually work pretty well on a mobile device!  We hadn't really thought about that but we could definitely do an interesting control scheme.  We'll see!

Cool concept!  The initial presentation was great, and the art / audio is really well done.  

It was very unclear how to spot the spy.  The "hint" of "he is slightly faster" was somewhat helpful but overall just comparing the speeds between various guests wasn't very fun.  When the dossier said that he was "stealing objects" I was expecting to be able to spot him doing this, but it didn't seem like the level contained any objects that he would be doing, everyone just wandered randomly.  It was also unclear that I needed to click on him multiple times... he just turned green at first.  

The "dance" part was a fun little DDR thing, and was a really cute way to beat the game.  The music does get desynced from the arrows about halfway through the song though.   

Overall good job!

Really nice job!  This was surprisingly entertaining.  The only thing I found annoying was if I shot too quickly, the shots would collide in mid-air and either cancel each other out, or spawn more dudes in the lane since the shots might not have matched.  

Also I was a bit disappointed that there were just 3 levels and not an actual endless mode/harder stuff, but it was still quite good!  Nice job on the everything.

This is a cool concept!  It was a bit annoying to have the page scroll when I hit up/down.  Also, it seems like the note window (the time where it accepts a key to control the snake) was only AFTER the actual note?  If I hit the key barely before (or even sometimes right on) the note, it wouldn't move.  It would have been nice if the window was before and after the note.

With some faster music and more interesting rhythms, this would be really cool!  Nice job.

Neat idea!  The music is fairly catchy and the sounds work well!  I like the idea of swapping between each guy, but then I noticed that you only "lose" if both of them die, which sort of ruins the "tension" of the game since you basically never have to switch, you can just choose to play one or the other.  If you died when either one died, it would be more interesting.

Also the alien's hitbox felt very unforgiving, and the game threw situations where it was impossible to save both of them at once.

I keep having an issue around the 2nd dino where the game stops accepting my inputs.  I'll be throwing the ninja stars and all of a sudden nothing I press will do anything.  I can still take damage and the dino is attacking me, but I can't throw stars, jump, or move.

I loved the music!  The little robotic "FIskBoi" was hilarious.  The jump sound was a bit grating though.

Overall the platforming mechanics are a bit basic but they do OK.  The above water/underwater requirements were a bit interesting, but overall it felt like I just had to stop playing the game for 5-10 seconds every time my meter was running low.  If more of the platforming had been underwater, and if the meter filled up a bit more quickly, it might have been a bit better.

Not sure if the  Windows build is broken or I'm missing something, but I can only jump (I have clicked everywhere in the window, no shooting happens).  The window is also EXTREMELY small and doesn't seem to be able to be resized.

The music, sounds, and art are very well done.  The background especially has some nice colors and the overall tone feels really nice and chill.  

The gameplay is a bit basic.  I wasn't really a fan of how I couldn't control my jump at all, and you moved so slowly that it was difficult to judge distances.  I think it would be better if you could jump higher/lower based on how long you hold the jump tap/button.

It seems like it's specifically with files that are larger than 1024x1024.  I resized things to 1024 and it seems to work correctly, it's only 2048x2048 and larger that seem to have issues.  I did a number of tilemaps of various sizes with the same filetype each time, and only 2048 and above failed to show the tile selector.

Also, the provided tileset in the tutorial DOES work, it's just my larger one that doesn't.

I'm trying to use a really basic custom tileset (it's a 2048x2048 large image, right now there are only 2 tiles in it that are 512x512 each).  

When I enter build mode, the tileset doesn't show up in the bottom right corner.  I can draw tiles, and they're the right size, but they all just have the grey background color from my image.

I've set the world pixel density to 512 already, and the texture shows up inside blender.  

Any ideas?