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Awesome idea!  This was pretty enjoyable to play and I think that the core idea is well executed. The little "thud" sound when you get a guy to the goal was very satisfying and the visual design was pleasant enough to work for the game.  I think this is one of the more innovative titles I've seen in the jam.

Since I liked it, here's some more in-depth criticism (note that I really liked it quite a bit, so don't take this as me saying the game was bad, these are just the things I didn't enjoy):

  • It seems like you purposefully made it so you "can't look too far ahead", but I don't think that that was a great design choice.  There were plenty of times that I messed up because I couldn't plan things out, and all that means is that I had to restart the level after messing it up the first time. It would have been nicer if I could have seen the whole level, then started it when I was ready.
  • Along the same lines, it was a bit frustrating to not be able to "undo", especially in the longer levels. A single misplaced jumper or switcher basically leads to you needing to restart the level.  
  • A dialog to prompt the player to hit "N" for the next level would have been nice.  Also, it would have been nice to know if it was impossible to complete the level with the current number of guys left alive, so I could restart earlier.
  • Some of the later levels get a bit repetitive.

Overall this is a really cool little entry!  


I did restrict the camera intentionally because I was thinking about the endless runner side of the hybrid - I was imagining some levels being reaction based but didn’t really follow through on it. 

I think if I keep developing it the runner bit will fall by the wayside and I’ll focus on the puzzle elements. This would also perhaps resolve the need for an undo if I allowed more planning, pause, slowdown, maybe mouse input or something.