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Thanks. I'll definitely check your entry out.



I'll definitely check your entry out :)

Thanks! I'll try to turn it into a fully fledged game after the jam I think :)

Yea, I've heard that a few times now. I thought having the controls on the download page would be enough but I guess having it tell you in game (like it does with most other things) is much more user friendly. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! It is/was a core design element but I’d probably focus more on the puzzle side if I develop it further. 


I did restrict the camera intentionally because I was thinking about the endless runner side of the hybrid - I was imagining some levels being reaction based but didn’t really follow through on it. 

I think if I keep developing it the runner bit will fall by the wayside and I’ll focus on the puzzle elements. This would also perhaps resolve the need for an undo if I allowed more planning, pause, slowdown, maybe mouse input or something.

Are the entries only judged by votes from participants or will the judges independently check out the games and pick their favourites?

I'm thinking making a game that's not playable in the browser is a bit of a handicap if votes is all they are being judged on. My guess is the effort/risk of installing some random binary from the site is severely reducing the number of votes for download only games. A quick poll of some random games and most of the download only ones have 0-5 votes but play in browser games have 15 or more in lots of cases - even games with less enticing screen shots because it only takes 10 seconds to see the actual game running.



Thanks! I struggled to think of any more actions that I could implement in the time limit but I'm sure there are loads of possibilities. I was imagining a way of splitting the flow of creeps so some go one route and some go another. This would enable things like sending some to press switches or weigh down see-saws. Maybe something like the original lemmings of using a climber or similar to send a few out early to clear the way before opening the flood gates.

Thanks! If I finish the game I'll add more prompts (like for n for next level). I also love making them all rush out rapidly - I'd like to add some more sound effects reminiscent of the pitch increasing spawn noise from the original lemmings and maybe a way of killing them all off "oh noooo". Sound isn't really my forte but I'm sure I can come up with something that sounds fun and isn't too irritating :)

Thanks! I don't know why I didn't implement screen shake, it would have been trivial given the way the camera is already set up. Squash and stretch on the creeps and some nicer animations on the actions would have been cool.

Good little story; I played through to the end and enjoyed it. 

I think if you wanted to flesh it out more you could go the classic choose your own adventure route and put a load of instant death endings in. I like when those games reward you for exploring early areas in detail by giving you hints on how to avoid bad endings later on. Of course it's a fine line between being rewardingly challenging to find the right path and just frustratingly difficult :)

Thanks! It took a bit of fiddling with the physics on the lifts but not as much as I expected after trying the first version where they just shot all over the place :)