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Yeah, there was some problems when tried to make the Windows-build as different Unity-version caused some problem. Haven't had time to update it to the same version. Maybe after Christmas I will try again.

Thanks for looking for it though :)

Thanks for playing :D

Was not able to finish, need more training with my stealth skills first :D

Was able to play it a little when using low settings and resolution. Was better to play now on the second try. Thanks for the infos of ammo locations :)

I'm terrible at sneaking games, so I mostly start shooting whenever possible :D

Very nice! Once I figured out how to make my way to robots, was fun to pop the can :D

Cool idea and tv-filter and the used models fits nicely together. Good job!

Good idea for the game! I could see that this game fits to be perfect for some recycle/waste company to tell clients how to recycle the items properly.

Was not able to test the SPEECH as not having mic on this computer, but was fun to play with the keyboard. Good job!

Yarr! I felt like a pirate when smashing the cannons with my sword. And it was a rum-bottle on the floor, wasn't it? :D

Was fun! Thanks for doing this :)

Interesting and mystical idea. On the first play I had a Roll-button. But when I tried again start the game I do not see Roll button anywhere anymore.

Lots of potential for a complete game and to see it in some store. Good work!

Cool idea! Was fun to play the game and loving the expression on the cloud's face :D

This is a unique idea, good job!

Good looking game and interesting atmosphere. Joyful fishing.

I managed to get some fishes and fed the family, yay! :D

This is good stuff. Good job!

Little too heavy to my old windows laptop. I can pick up the weapon but it has no ammo. My combat skills were not good enough to beat the dudes with weapons. 

But very good demo that was done for the jam, as it has quite a short time and you managed to do so much. Good work!

Thanks for playing the game! Good ideas for improving the game for later times :)

Quite a good score you got there! :O

It was harder than it want meant to be :D

After the submission ended I tested to build a Windows version. It was little easier there as the colliders didn't overlap or go through platforms (I just added the Windows-version to game's page).

I managed to break all the blocks, but I had so much minus points as I hit the walls all the time :D

Cool idea and would like to play this later when music and some sound effects are added into it. Good job!

It has little sad music that hopefully changes to more cheerful one when space is reached (I couldn't make it). My windows laptop did not have enough juice to run it smoothly so couldn't enjoy it as much I had wanted.

The graphics and sfx-effects sounded great. Good job!

Whaley seems so sympathetic and adorable. It was harder to play than it looks from the .gifs, needs some time to get it right :D

Good, dark looking graphics and the kickass fish-logo is a big plus. Nicely done!

I like the voxels and the simplicity it brings. Looks slick and great colors have been chosen. Would be great to have music to increase the atmosphere more and some sound effects really catch the player´s attention. Good job!

Fun game. I could say that this would work nicely with mobiles.

Would like to see this after jam and after adding sound effects. Would sound super cool with some dash charging sound! :)

Very artistic graphics and music is good choice to get the underwater feeling. I seem to be terrible as I couldn't get too far without hitting my head too many times :D

Hopefully we can hear more about this game also after the jam?

Joyful music and colors that suits the relaxed feeling of the game. Feels ready to be published on stores with some more levels. Keep up the good work!

Game looks really nice and has also cool sounds. Game mechanic is also simple and catchy --> "Just one more try..."

Nice job!

Good game! You had made multiple levels that was nice to get into the game.

The graphics are looking great. Hoping that we will see this project evolve after the jam!

Liked the game concept of showing the another dimension just for a time of the "dimension-ball"'s lifetime. Just add some epic soundtrack after jam! :)

Good looking graphics.

Loved the idea of player transforming to that sticky bubble. Are you planning to continue this project later on? I would like to see more of it, now it is a nice concept.

Nice game idea! Would like to see this evolve as a complete game some day.

This looks so nice! Nice game with great atmosphere and music.

Thank you for playing the game! Maybe more levels will be added in the future :)

Thanks for playing. Maybe I will someday take this further and bring more levels etc.

Thanks for playing. 

What you mean by sandbox in this case? Like ability to smash everything or create the level by user?

At first play I couldn't kick asses of the robots so well, controls were not so familiar. But on the second try it was easier and II think I managed to get to the end and beat it.

Was fun and level seemed quite big to be done in the jam, so good work there!

Yeah, I know what you mean. There is only so limited time to use in game jam. Seems always be something that  "I would like to change that but there is not enough time...".

Good job, keep participating incoming jams!

Was fun to play and liked that the speed increases step by step.
As you said in another comment, I think you should make this also for mobile with some fine tuning. Good job!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game, was also fun to make it. You may wonder how fun it was to record all the sound effects :D

Yeah, that parade is big and you are the star of the day ;D

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing the game! I'm happy that you had fun playing it :)

Sci-fi feeling was there and music fit well to the game. 

Maybe more "power" to player's gun or pickup weapons would be nice to see in future version.

Calm music goes very well with the game. Got me smiling :)

Would like to see different kind of zombies to visit the hotel :)

Looking good and there is potential for future if continued after the jam.

  • Difficult controls and sometimes comes unresponsive. 
  • Can shoot as fast as can click but nothing happens to enemy crowds. Maybe it is really blessed and it does do any harm to living or dead.

I liked the idea of building the obstacles then staying alive with those patterns; you still need to move to get food to prevent starvation. Hopefully in the future we will see more content? :D

It really took some time to load and did go straight to building phase and I lost precious time when I was doing chores while waiting :D