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A jam entry

Mr Tuba - The Last ResortView game page »

Run like there is no tomorrow!
Submitted by serialkamikaze with 49 minutes, 49 seconds before the deadline
Rated by 7 people so far
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List all third party assets used
Playmaker + Ecosystem

Playmaker Ecosystem
When it is installed in your Unity--> Search for Path finding from the Ecosystem

Standard Assets

( tiny modification to existing ThirdPersonCharacter.cs for preventing player movement )

TextMesh Pro



* EDIT * 29.03.2018: Added the requirement info of Pathfinding action package that I used from the Playmaker's Ecosystem

Number of team members

Have you included the source files?
Yes I have

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Wished there was more levels! Camera could frame better the action, but I enjoyed the genuine content creation.


Thank you for playing the game! Maybe more levels will be added in the future :)

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

The control scheme reminded me of Indigo Prophecy, the character design was neat. Would like to see more levels! Loved the sound effects.


Thanks for playing. Maybe I will someday take this further and bring more levels etc.


Mr tuba's running animation was hilariously good. Had fun playing the game wish it was more of a sandbox instead.


Thanks for playing. 

What you mean by sandbox in this case? Like ability to smash everything or create the level by user?


Nice, I have a parade in my honor ;) I enjoyed every punch! ;D


Thanks for playing! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game, was also fun to make it. You may wonder how fun it was to record all the sound effects :D

Yeah, that parade is big and you are the star of the day ;D


Haha, super playable!


Thanks for playing!


Pretty fun, feels like a complete experience, I feel like there's some social commentary going on here also.


Thanks for playing the game! I'm happy that you had fun playing it :)