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I love me some VR, and this feels like a play on missile defender, not the mechanics, but the spirit of the thing. Could do with more dev time, more enemies instead of volume of projectiles and some other tweaks would make it an actual product i would buy.

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Most visually impressive of the submissions, fairly broken from the get go, father shotgun controls badly, the shotgun seems to do sound and little else. It's got me immediately  curious about who the main character is, why does he have a blessed shotgun, etc, then I read the description... the story could use some work. There's potential for a good game here.

Cool idea, easy to reach high score, from some point onward only the gold nuts matter. Fun mechanic.

There's the bare bones of a survival game here. Pretty cool use of concept. The zombies are pretty blind and there's very little indication of when you take damage, leading me to assume you are one shot by the zombies, your only defense is to run from them and hide. With a lot more polish on the tech to build your base, and substantially larger maps, there's a good game here.

Interesting concept, could be expanded to a full game, needs more mechanics to get rid of the walking sim tag. The campy voice acting could be played up, it makes it charming.

Well played sir. Well played. Simple game, shouldn't take long to finish, very grin worthy. Good execution on something I have not seen in a while.

A neat idea for a god game that could benefit from a change in perspective and more work to make the building elements work better. Nice play on the theme.

A third person action game that even at this stage reminds me of ONI. Please work more on this.

Pretty fun, feels like a complete experience, I feel like there's some social commentary going on here also.

Needs more instructions.

If you play the top file, you can't hunt for potatos, bottom one, you can't hunt for oil.  Interesting concept.