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Playmaker Game Jam 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Playmaker Game Jam! To join this game jam, please read and understand the rules below. 

To start off here are the big rules!

  1. Required engine is Unity + Playmaker.
  2. Playmaker must make up 80% or more of the code.
  3. You may work alone or in a team.
  4. Create your project in 72 hours.
  5. You must follow the theme.


The Playmaker Game Jam 2018 will take place between:

Start - March 23rd (Friday) 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (Vancouver / Los Angles time zone), 
End - March 26th (Monday) 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.

Chat & Communication

Live chat and communication during the jam will be held at the (unofficial) Playmaker Slack Chat Channel. You can invite yourself here:

Everyone is welcome to join (not just participants). The channel is both technical and social.

The Theme

The theme will be released 12 hours prior to the Game Jam starting. It is  required to use the theme within your game. Make sure to check back to get the theme before start!

Target Platform

In order for games to be judged, they must be able to be played by judges and community. Therefore, we recommend the target platform to be windows, web or android (for mobile). Other platforms will be accepted (including VR), but may not be judged due to lack to devices for judges.


Yes, we have prizes! Thanks to the generous donations from kind sponsors. The list of sponsors is ongoing. More information will be announced soon.

Judging and Prize Categories

There are four prize categories Three are by judge, one is by the community (that means you!).

Judged by Community Awards:

  • Peoples Choice Award

Judged by your peers (and yourself). The community will have a chance to play all the attendees games.

Rank is judged by:

  • Playability
  • Visual Impression
  • Audio
  • Innovation / Creativity
  • Theme / Concept
  • Overall Enjoyment

Judged by Panel:

The Panel is made up of three persons. Jean Fabre (Jean), Kurt Ruiter (djaydino), Eric Vander Wal (tcmeric/ dumbgamedev).

  • Best Overall Game
  • Most Creative Game
  • Best Technical Achievement,


You retain your IP to your game, however, by joining the Playmaker Game Jam 2018 you are agreeing to release your source code.

Game Submission

You may submit your game anytime during the 72 hour window. Following the completion of the game jam, there will be a 12 hour period for game uploads.

Remember itch has an upload limit of 750MB. Dropbox files can transfer to itch quickly.

The Rules

The Playmaker Game Jam 2018 is a fun and educational event meant to inspire creativity and self challenge. Please keep this in mind while participating in the game jam!

  1. You must use Unity 5.6 and above.
  2. You must use a playmaker 1.8.5 and above
  3. Your projects code should be 80% playmaker FSM's or more, (compared to C#, JS, etc).
  4. Third party assets and work are allowed, however
    1. These assets must be free, open source or under the relevant creative commons license, as your project files must be updated following the game jam completion.
    2. You must declare any and all third party assets/work used on your final submission. Failure to declare third party assests/work will result in a zero judgement. No exceptions.
    3. The less third party assets/work you can use, the better. The use of these assets will not be held against you, however they will also not count for extra score.
    4. Do NOT including anything that is under NDA or other legal constraint.
  5. Following the game jam, you or your team will be responsible for submitting both a published copy of your game, as well as the source files.
  6. You may work in a team or alone, there is no restriction.
  7. Judges may enter into the game jam, but their games will not be judged and they cannot win prizes.
  8. Games must be created and finished within the 72 hour period. If your game is incomplete at the end of 72 hours, please just submit it as is.
  9. No creating your game before the 72 hours begins. You must however install unity and playmaker before the 72 hour start time.
  10.  A post mortem write up is required to explain what your game is about, and how you went about making it.


Thank you to our kind sponsors for providing prizes. That's right, prizes!!!

MYNAMEISVOO, Inventory and Weapon Modding (ICWM)

EZ ENTERTAINMENT,  Professional Pooling SystemEz Data Manager, Ez Bind, Ez Ads

MOLBERGAMES, Crashy Bash Boom

Slayd7, VRWeapons

MICOSMO, Sensor Toolkit