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You are not out, don't worry :)

The game jam theme was

  • Last Resort
  • Not a Hero

 So I am not sure where Squirrels shooting balloons fits in there, maybe it's just the narrative of the game that you need to update, like "Squirrel needs to feed starving family, He's the last resort etc etc" or something that links somehow to the theme.



Well impressed. I like the camera work, I only whish you coud have gone one step further with overal visuals, felt like a protoype, yet everything was there for a proper game, but definitly a winner contender ( I may be biased by the camera work :)) Sound was really good, and totally raised the overall feeling. Game Mechanic was very well executed too.

very creative, but I could not really get the point of the game, I think I lacked some visual indication of what's going on, I did not understand why I was wining or loosing :) but I loved the bottle control and paper men!

I just did not get the gameplay. I figured out how to mvoe around, but I never saw any potatoes nor oil... so I could not really get anywhere... too bad I was really looking forward to it as the game started

it would be good to do a non vr version.

Definitly a winner contender. More work needs to be done on the lighting, but otherwise, very good and fitting very well the theme, as soon as I played. Sound was good too.

I wish you had some instructions, It really took me a while to figure things out. Perfs where bad I had to lower quality. but overall, I am very impressed.

The woah effect was certainly there, graphics and audio, mood are spot on, but it got ruined by the poor gameplay.

Good impressions, I would have enjoyed a slighly easier game play. otherwise, well done!

Well Done! ennemy battle could be better setup, it's either too hard or I am a bad gamer :)

Too bad it doesn't really match the theme, otherwise I would have ranked it way higher. Well executed and working as expected. You should have picked different graphics to match theme.. :)

Wished there was more levels! Camera could frame better the action, but I enjoyed the genuine content creation.

It's odd, I only get one zombie, I kill it and then no more zombies, and no music, I am testing the mac build.