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The stack of demo disks takes me back to browsing CompUSA and buying magazines with the CD inside!

I like the idea of being able to apply the optimizations!

NEAT concept! Got a little spooked jolt when I saw that 1st zombie, nicely done!

Clearly the story is not destined to have a happy ending, I would have like to have seen more of the story, going from one (happy) occasion to one (sad) so abruptly was a bit jarring. I too had some frame rate issues. The transition at the door was neat.

I am so happy to hear this - I was worried you had left the dev circles! Am thrilled beyond belief and now I'm off to tout this on all my socials! Glad you are back!

I think the concept works - needs some polish.

Quick rundown:

The Good - The starting speed was a good 'ease your way' into it introduction, the controls felt tight and responsive, I found myself making minute microcorrections and felt the ship was responsive, if there was and drift, I would have been put off a lot. I liked that pressing 2 keys at once gave diagonals as well. 

The 'meh' - It was difficult at times to tell how much space I had to maneuver, or when I was getting too close to something, perhaps the wings are a bit too wide. The art (while I'm sure was placeholder) was a bit too 'generic sci-fi'

The Not So Good - I really did not like the music, was too loud (I'm certain its placeholder as well) and the menu to turn it off did nothing, I kinda wanted to hear more spaceship sounds. If there was an option to shoot, it wasn't readily apparent.

Its got potential - what I'd totally go bonkers for is to see this in VR, kinda like Xortex and Valve's 'The Lab'

Thank you for making this!


Ok, totally cute and fun and I'm hoping your wife was more impressed with your efforts than mine would be ;-)

Really amazing art style - moody and atmospheric!

Ok - scratch that- got it sorted out; are there issues with the shaders in 2019? I can't seem to get the double sided or shadow casting to show up properly (they all display as pink)

Hi Fernando - updating my project to 2019.4LTS and when I import the beta I get this error message: 

Unable to parse file Assets/Doodle Studio 95/Plugins/DoodleStudio95.dll.meta: [Parser Failure at line 34: Expect ':' between key and value within mapping]

any ideas what it means? Thanks!

Trimmed an animation my kid made with DS95 and added it as a obstacle to jump through! 

thank you!

My kids LOVE using DS95- and have made some really cool animations, but... they are HUGE! Can they be resized or do I have to export them as a .gif and manually resize them?

Great job - was there any audio? I've been having some issues so I'm not sure if its me!

The story was great, nice animations and the tough nature made it impossible to put down. The controls were a bit awkward - but I'm assuming that was the point!

A great little game, communicates gameplay through experimentation. Fun enough that you want to try and get a better score! Would like to have seen more polished assets, but still a good solid submission!

ok - I'm supposed to be serious dad here, but I laughed my @$$ off at this!

Thanks! Could NOT have done it without Playmaker!

OK - hope I did this right - here is the asset package foe the game:

So, my first ever game jam is DONE.

The Playmaker Game Jam was an interesting way to try new things,  practice skills and see just how much I could punish myself by being glued to a desk like I haven’t done in years.

I’ve never done a jam before, so I went in with zero expectations – Friday came and it was announced that the themes would be:

Last Resort – or – Not a Hero

OK – now what the #$%^ do I do with THAT?

First thing that popped into my head was to do a pun or play on words with ‘last resort’ – some sort of oasis at the end of the world kinda tickled the back of my brain. (and apparently every other person in the jam felt similarly too) So, in that spirit, I was drawn to the idea of ‘its the Last Resort in a world gone to ruin’. I didn’t want to delve into a backstory too much, just give the idea that the world went to shit and the player was pretty much one of the last people.

Copyright: Bill Watterson

So, in that spirit, I fired up Oculus Medium and started sculpting out an island on which to set the stage. I kinda liked the idea that the center was this insurmountable mountain that would force the player to run around it, either from enemies or to complete tasks. I decided to carve out a cave in case I wanted something creepy, or have a hidden place to have the player discover.

While I had Medium open, I also made a couple of ‘palm’ trees. The pre-made stamps are pretty awesome at getting something prototyped quickly. While I was looking through the stamps, I saw a rat skull one an decided ‘THIS is my monster head!’ So a slapped a couple of arms (also stamps) and exported it as a .fbx into Blender, added a quick rig and had the thing crawling relatively quick. So went my first day – which was still mostly filled with my normal day-to-day routine of taking care of the boys, feeding a household and refraining from strangling my neurotic, overly needy cat.

The second day was a mad dash of getting the kids thru swim lessons and packed up so they could spend the night with mommy at grandma’s house, leaving me to strap myself down to my desk and crank out a game. I braced myself with a shot of Jamesons – which helped get in a certain creative mood while recording dialogue.

Once that was done, I started slapping things together, throwing a basic 1st person character controller on my island and taking a walk around. Once I see my ‘set’, I can start decorating and planning out how I want it to look. I start making simple trigger areas to set bits of dialogue into play and and added sound FX. At this point its late in the afternoon, stomach is growling and I have a hankering for Thai an a cold ale. The rest of my day is spent trying to get the timings right, making sure that triggering one voice-over zone doesn’t allow for a second one to start playing.

The next day is sheer crunch time: my monster spawning isn’t working the way I want. I thought I’d use an action called ‘get random vector 3 inside a sphere’ to get a location to spawn a monster in an area define over my level, wait and repeat. Since there’s no way to kill them, the player would need to keep on their toes to avoid the critters until they overran the island. Sadly I kept getting obscure errors about my prefab monsters and problems with nav mesh navigation. Grr. I hastily slap a static spawn point on the level and on to the next problem – PEOPLE.

she doesn’t look haggard enough

I originally got into game dev because I wanted to create stories with believable characters and of course dove into it head first without the slightest clue about animation systems, an it was right when Unity was switching from legacy animation to the Mecanim system – always a fun time to learn something new. At least it gave me the basic knowledge to slap a character into the scene and give it a idle animation…

And the rest of my time is spent in sheer panic mode: when they say ‘keep your scope small’ – they ain’t kiding. I didn’t even get half of what I wanted done, especially the parts I had thought up to challenge myself and learn something new.  It did provide a nice break from my current project and give me new directions to move towards – it also confirmed that I need to spend some of my time just soaking up game design theory and hone my Playmaker skills.

All in all – I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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The control scheme reminded me of Indigo Prophecy, the character design was neat. Would like to see more levels! Loved the sound effects.

Nice polish based on the brief amount of time to work on it. Felt like the enemies were pretty tough (I have yet to beat it) Control scheme could benefit from being changeable. Also liked the audio!

Neat concept, was a nice twist on the 'not a hero' theme, I enjoyed the very unique mechanic of 'throwing your head'

Looks great - controls could be better, kept getting caught in the pews. Gun seemed to not deal out any damage. Music added a lot to the mood.

I'm not sure if its me or if the game has no audio. I like the visual style and scale, it looked like large distances to be tackled by the player. Like Irnir, it feels like the old Atari Missile Command, and I could see this being expanded with projectiles or shields or other mechanics.

Neat interpretation of the Space Invaders mechanic, not sure how it tied into the themes - the art was cute and colorful!

Thank you! Don't know if you tried it, but it has the shift key for sprint!

Thanks! I also sculpted the island in Medium as well. I'm using it to make levels in my other VR game!

Thanks! I have been working on a kids game, so being able to cuss and be all gruff was a treat!

Like others have said, perhaps a bit better description of the mechanics - I too like the paper people (it fits with the VR game I'm working on) and I was unsure what happens when the 'play' drops the bottle and you start moving the bottle. I like the club and the colors used, it had a nice disco feel to it.

Neat concept - clever twist on using 'Last Resort'! Found it MUCH easier once I started on the right and moved to the left!

Good solid gameplay - had a real 'Robotron' feel to it - wish I had twin sticks to play it! The music had a nice cyber punky feel, the mechanic of 'last resort' was both a good 'punishment' rewarding staying alive vs dying for the score. Like Serial said - the additions of powerups or weapons could make this a solid game. The one thing it lacked was a 'cooldown' period so the player could regroup - it was constant pressure ramped up arcade style until the player loses.

Like others have mentioned - it took a while to load. You definitely get major points for having a 'sandbox' portion that you can move / interact with before you play. I played a couple of times, trying to figure out how to 'trap' the zombies in - only to be delighted when they started smashing the walls! I also like the hunger mechanic - forcing the player to move is good game design. Things that could be improved on are mere 'polish' elements, like better sound, better hit determination and the animations look like they could be a little off. Still, a damn fine job!

Thanks! The creeper was a Oculus Medium sculpt made from a rat's skull and 4 human arms, rigged and animated in Blender.

Thanks! Used a shot of Jamesons to get the 'gruffness' in the voice, it made VO work more fun.

Its a walking sim - all I can kinda get made, as I'm still working out my Playmaker skills!

Neat exectution - had troubles with using the wheelchair, I could not get the wheels to turn, had to switch to teleport) thought the background noise could be more involved, only heard one low droning hum, felt like there should be odd random creaks or sounds off in the distance. The nurse model was pretty darn creepy, as well as her attack sounds. A good start- want to see what you do with this!