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The (very short) story of Oskar and Stella
Submitted by martinhalldin — 1 day, 11 hours before the deadline

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Use of Bolt#34.3334.333

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  • Absolutely lovely story, where to even begin!

    The aesthetic instantly sets the tone and establishes the duality between the characters. Giving a slight hue to each side made the inversion more impactful than the traditional black and white opposites. The chromatic aberration, lens effect and particles establish just enough eeriness to draw you into the story's softer, reflexive mood.

    The core mechanic is simple yet very enjoyable: that "ah-ha!" epiphany moment is really satisfying, and I wish it had been used through more varied puzzles. I think it has the potential of being adapted to a lot of situations, not unlike Braid did around the core idea of time manipulation.

    The use of Bolt is very simple, but that is precisely what makes it good in my opinion. With 3 states and a minimal flow logic, you basically implement the unique mechanics of an entire game. This is what using Bolt is about, how simple making games should be.

    A very polished and touching experience from start to finish, congratulations! I hope you keep iterating on that game to release it!

  • Wonderful style. The Sound, visuals and writing make for an interesting atmosphere.  There is potential in the game play mechanic. but I believe some more attention to the level design could have showcased the games's potential further.  I feel this game comes from a personal place and I really appreciate that.

  • Very polished and fun game with an excellent atmosphere and narrative. The swapping mechanic is really fun, and the story justification for it is a nice touch. Tight controls, and good use of state graphs to do the character switching!

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Awww, so emotional!!! When I played this game with my children we all nearly cried. Such a deep story. Thank you for making...


This looks so nice! Nice game with great atmosphere and music.


The art looks great! I love the story, it reminds me of The Company of Myself. Great work!

Deleted post

Thank you! It wasn't actually meant to be a suicide ending. Stella is not real and I tried to convey that in the intro, so her "death" is more representative that Oscar is letting go of that side of himself. Guess that's something I have to work on for my next project :D