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Welcome to the very first Bolt game jam! 

Bolt is one of the world's most popular visual scripting tools for unity, built by the award winning tool developer Ludiq.  Trailer: 

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Unique 2D Platformer game mechanic - Build a mechanic that could qualify as a unique selling point for a sidescrolling platformer game. Some examples of these mechanics: Shovelknight's "Shovel drop", Celeste's "air dash", Bomb Chicken's "bomb eggs", Sonic's spin boost, etc...

The art can be 2D, 2.5D or 3D. As long as it is a sidescroller.


Get Bolt here:

Here is a tutorial on building a 2d platformer with Bolt to get you started: 


  • The game must be built with Bolt in Unity
  • The project must be submitted on time
  • Teams of 1-3 people 
  • Provide Gif proof that the game was built with Bolt - side by side of flow graphs and gameplay. (We recommend the ShareX tool for gif creation:

Example of A side by side - gameplay / flow graph


Each member of the Ludiq team will be a judge, so that makes 3 judges! The games will be ranked based on "Creativity" and "Use of Bolt".


$251 in Asset Store prizes!

FIRST PLACE - $153 worth of tools from the asset store:

SECOND PLACE - $98 worth of tools from the asset store:

  • 2DDL Pro : 2D Dynamic Lights and Shadows  
  • 2D Asset Pack - 3 Worlds
  • Chronos

*UPDATE* -  THIRD PLACE - $69 worth of tools from the asset store:

  • 2D Asset Pack - 3 Worlds
  • Chronos

Good luck!


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The (very short) story of Oskar and Stella
Guide Squiddy Bot through the treacherous tunnel!
2D side scrolling platformer golf game made for BoltJam #1
Play in browser
You can move only by jumping. Can you collect all the 5 fishes?
Bubbleman, BoltJam #1
Drag and shoot, not much to it. I recommend using the android build though